Druidic language

The druidic language is a secret tongue, known only to the druids of Erik. It was first taught by Reynir to his followers, but has been passed down through the ages amongst the most devoted followers of his successor, Erik. Knowledge of this language is not shared with those who are not druids of Erik.
Its basis is the sounds of nature so it contains elements which sound more like the howl of a wolf, the click of a beetle and the bray of a bull. For this reason it cannot be written down for no alphabet has yet been designed that can adequately represent such voices. However, it has strongly influenced the choice of symbols used on Rjuirk runes and the use of nature-based metaphors and similes found within it can sometimes be found in the Rjuven writing of druids.
Because of its secret nature, a non-druid can only understand it through the use of spells. Because it has no written form, it cannot be researched by scholars, bards or rogues. Skalds, as members of the temples of Erik, respect the secrecy of the language as a group. To be found to be attempting to translate the language would be regarded as a theft of something that belongs to the druids, and would ruin the reputation of a skald. The rigorous education that skalds receive inculcates in them a lawful disposition which squelches the temptation in most. Druids are very conscious of the secret nature of their language and are cautious about using it in front of others in an open way. It is most commonly used as an extra layer of security for discussing the affairs of druids quietly away from others when eavesdropping and lipreading are still possible.

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