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Dhoneaghmiere features pine-covered hills that level out to plain in the bend of the Ruide River. This province is much like Cymryr, in that no permanent human presence and no gheallie Sidhe agitators exist. Just 3,000 scattered elves (in groups of 30 to 300) live close to nature in this province. Unlike their neighbors in Cymryr, these elves have no curiosity about humans and will throw them in the icy waters of the Ruide if they catch them.
The only dangerous creatures here are goblin and orog raiders (and the elves, if you happen to be human).


The only large concentration of elves lies near the broken hills of Sidhebhuke. If the elves who dwell here encounter humans, they will kill them on sight. The root of these elves' hatred of humans can be traced to an overgrown ruin about a mile from the lake. This was once the location of elven school where young elves would come to learn the ancient lore from a dragon. Unlike most of his kind, the dragon was more than happy to share his great wisdom with the younger races. Unfortunately, a band of humans slew the dragon in an attempt
to steal his treasure, thus destroying what was actually one of Tuarhievel's greatest treasures. The humans did not live to even revel over their defeat of the great beast; the elves literally tore them limb from limb. Rumors of the dragon's undiscovered treasure still reach human ears, and when rogues and cash-strapped regents come looking for the loot, they are treated like the humans who slew the dragon.
The ruins of the school and the surrounding area are inhabited by 1500 elves. One of the most revered taelinri, Gylvain Taeline, was originally of House Dhoelachnal, and still lives among them whenever possible.

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