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Flat in the western reaches and rising to hills in the east and the north, the dense forests (which are mostly oak with some evergreens
mixed in) make the heart of this province the most tranquil of all of Tuarhievel. Political upheaval has no effect here. No permanent human presence exists here. The elves live much as they have for millennia-in such close harmony with nature that even the most sharp-eyed of human rangers might think that this part of the kingdom was uninhabited until he stumbled upon an elven settlement. Dryads and nymphs dwell in fair numbers in this area, along with at least one forest giant. No young elf in this region is accustomed to seeing humans, and will likely view them as great curiosities should they see them. The nobles of House Peranwyr want to keep it that way.


Nearly 6,000 elves live here in blissful peace, although the occasional older elf remembers the elven glory days and holds resentment
toward humans. These elves live in graceful treehouses that blend perfectly with the environment. There are those who say that some of the younger elves have never actually touched the ground.
In the hilly northeast provinces, clear signs of habitation are evident in the form of border forts. The military of the Thorn Throne maintains a constant vigilance against the Gorgon, under the leadership of Connal Peranwyr (ME; Ftr5/Wiz5). Skirmishes with goblin and orog raiders occur regularly, but the monstrous invaders rarely make it as far as the walls of the fortifications, which have been magically shaped from trees. Between the troops rotating in and out and the towns built to support them, 2000 additional elves live here. A halfling settlement also exists, whose members behave in a very martial fashion and who are prepared to strike against the Gorgon's troops whenever the elven lines are tested. Their number is estimated at 1000.

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