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Danigau remains one of the Brecht nations ruled entirely by feudal nobility rather than guilders; however the Danigers long ago slightly altered the ancient hereditary principles they had held in Aduria.
In Danigau only one noble from each generation inherits the holdings of the family ? a change necessary due to the fact that the full bloodline passes to only one heir. As a related change nobles inherit rank only at the approval of the Count; the Count can ?promote? junior family members above the direct heir (usually they do this only where the ?junior? member is the blood heir of the previous ranking family member or they can justify the act as in the best interests of Danigau). Similarly if a baron is corrupt or incompetent the Count can replace them ? although usually the replacement is from the same family to avoid unrest.
The Count and their court decide on the major issues concerning the realm and leave Danigau's provinces to be administered by local baronets and lords and the nobles beneath them.
The citizens of Danigau are fairly highly taxed. Though many grumble about it, most know that the money is needed to ensure the realm's security and prosperity and thus benefits them, their grumbles are also mollified by the Count?s modest lifestyle (by noble standards).


Danigau is a harsh land, and its laws reflect that. The Count doesn't waste the realm's resources on protracted trials and in common with most Cerilian realms sees little point to jails. Most punishments are geared towards benefiting the state rather than simply punishing the guilty.
Most offences (such as opposing government officials, insult to a noble, disturbing the public peace, weapon-carrying violations, etc.) are punished with fines and reparation for any damaged property.
Severe offences are punished with forced labor in the mines of Ebondell in Starkhundt for a period depending on the crime; although imprisonment is rare in Brechtür (indeed all Cerilian societies) being both expensive and wasteful, the Counts of Danigau realized long ago that the realm could simply not afford to simply execute healthy young men who committed acts of violence; the geographically isolated and commercially vital Ebondell was therefore made into a prison colony of sorts and its security is the personal responsibility of the Baronet of Starkhundt.
Another unusual punishment in Danigau is the path of blood; those who are sentenced to a severe crime other than high treason can request this ancient rite in lieu of another sentence. The guilty person is given a basic set of armor and a sword and sent into Urga-Zai, unable to return to Danigau on pain of death. Historically a few have even carved their way through enough goblins to reach the relative safety of the Rjurik lands.
Some crimes are punishable by death in Danigau, although the actual punishment is often influenced by the ranks of those involved: treason (including assault on the Count's guards), murder of an innocent (an elastic definition designed to exclude duels, or brawls between sailors and the like) rape and grand larceny (theft of gold or jewels from a noble). The death sentence is typically carried out by throwing the offender into the icy waters of the Krakennauricht (theft), hanging (peasants) or decapitation (nobles and the blooded).
The law on serious theft came into effect after repeated attempts to steal Brenna's Favor, the legendary sielshegh necklace traditionally worn by the Countesses of Danigau.

[top]Foreign Policies

?Danigau holds its own? is the Danigau family motto appearing on the Realm's coat of arms and it reflects the reality well.
While Danigau maintains good relations with other noble houses of Brechtür, such as Müden and Berhagen, it has no formal allies and therefore relies on its own strength to hold enemies at bay.
While the current baronet of Wierech received his title from Danigau, he has no formal ties to the realm. Danigau has peace treaties with the Rjurik realms to the north, Hjolvar and Kvigmar, which were recently forged with the aid of Ilse Redbedtehr and also a non-aggression treaty with Khurin-Azur, though there is little interaction between the nations since the road between them was destroyed ten winter?s past.
Danigau?s ongoing enemy is Urga-Zai to the west. A continuous state of war exists between the two lands, although actual invasions occur only every decade or so when a new generation of goblins reaches maturity and strikes out.
The Count also looks with dislike on all awnshegh-ruled or otherwise ?barbaric? realms, including Kiergard, Massenmarch, Vampire's Hold, Rzhlev, and in particular (due to its piracy against his ships) Grabentod and the Zweilunds.
He would gladly install more ?suitable? noble rulers in those realms, but he lacks the resources to do so. Of course, like every realm in the area, Danigau looks at the Gorgon's Crown with concern.

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