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Cwmb Bheinn

Allan Alaigh (the Aelvenking)

96 350

Carpentry, oak timber

RP Income:
43 RP (Province 25 RP; Law 18 RP)

22 GB
80 RP


Status: Recommended for players
Pinned between the Raven and the Lamia, the elven realm of Cwmb Bheinn cannot afford luxury of isolation enjoyed by other elven realms in Cerilia. The protection of Rhuannadaraight would go for naught without a determined ruler and some outside allies.

[top]Life and Society

One of the five remaining ancient forests of Cerilia, the Rhuannadaraight is under siege. Humans live and work under its ancient trees, and whole stands have been cleared to make way for agriculture and "civilization". The elves of Cwmb Bheinn cannot resist for long alone. The beauty of their realm is fading and may disappear with the age of man.
Desperate to hold onto what little forest they have left, the elves live in small, armed camps throughout the realm. Only in Llywyngsiele does some semblance of the olden days remain, when elves roamed free under the eaves of Rhuannadaraight.

[top]The Land




[top]Flora and Fauna


[top]Dinas Mawwy



[top]Van Garreg



When Alanlaigh's father ruled Cwmb Bheinn, the young prince saw the realm shrink as his father futilely tried to resist the predations of human invaders. When the gheallie Sidhe brought war to the land, Allanlaigh watched as his father fought at their side against the short-lived but more numerous human race. When Azrai tricked the elves, Allanlaigh marched under his father's banner until his father fell, betrayed by the evil god's promises. Allanlaigh then became instrumental in turning a great number of the elves against the Azrai, and led an elven contingent to Mount Deismaar, where the ancient evil was destroyed.

He then led the remnants of his people back to Rhuannadaraight and settled under the eaves of that mighty forest, content to close Cwmb Bheinn to the world. He bore humans no lasting ill-will - even the Vos who followed Azrai - and trusted that they would leave him alone.

They did not. After a few short centuries, humans began driving farther and farther into the Rhuannadaraight. Unwilling to reawaken the sadness of the gheallie Sidhe, Allanlaigh pulled his people back and ordered his wizards to weave nets of spells around the center of the realm. He made it virtually dissapear from the land of Cerilia.

This worked for a time. Humans lived just outside the shrunken realm of Cwmb Bheinn, unaware of the elves that watched and waited. The elven realm remained safe within its tiny bounds, unnoticed by the mortal world.

And then the Raven came. Less then a decade ago, the Raven breached the sanctity of Cwmb Bheinn and, before Allanlaigh could react, burned two whole provinces. One became fetid swamp, the other a dead plain. Cwmb Bheinn stood revealed to the world.

Another awnshegh, the Lamia, noticed the elven realm then and swore to destroy it. The reason is unknown, but she has made several efforts to rid the world of one of the few remaining elven strongholds.

Saddened by the end of Cwmb Bheinn's "Guarded Age," Allanlaigh has reacted by reaching out to his other human neighbors. Changing his name and his attitude has accomplished marvels so far, and Allan Allaigh may be able to save his homeland yet.


Allies: An elven realm, and therefore suspect, Cwmb Bheinn has few true allies. It trades with Yeninskiy and Kozlovnyy, and has tried to set up some communication with Innishiere, but its enemies and its wary friends keep it cut off from any substantial aid.

Enemies: The Lamia despises the elven realm, probably because of its fading beauty. She will either possess it, destroy it, or be destroyed herself in her efforts. For some time she has joined with the Iron Hand Tribes to threaten and harass the elves of the Rhuannadaraight. Recently she has made an alliance with the Raven, the destruction of Cwmb Bheinn seems only a matter of time.

Army: The Aelvenking commands the army of Cwmb Bheinn through his talented field commanders. His army counts 3 units of elven archers, 2 units of elven pikemen and 2 units of elven scouts.

[top]Important Figures

Save for the Aelvenking, all the realm's important figures are newcomers.

[top]Rumors, Secrets and Plots


  • Because Cwmb Bheinn is an elven realm, its regents can muster elven troops at one-quarter the normal mustering cost. In addition, because of the desperate unity that currently pervades the elven realm, the Aelvenking may muster troops for free if either the Raven or the Lamia attacks and the provinces in which troops are mustered have at least average loyalty. If Cwmb Bheinn's situation drastically improves or the loyalty of the provinces where troops are mustered drops below average, this option is no longer available.


  • Bram Aelfrund has fallen in love with Glynna Godeseyr. The two are nearly equal in age, even though Bram, a human, appears to be much her senior. Surprisingly, rumors say that Allan Alaigh favors the match, but young Glynna secretly loves the Aelvenking as more than just a monarch. Each of the three appears to be aware of the other's feelings, and all walk on eggshells so as not to enact some romantic tragedy.
  • Finnegan Treusyyght has some ability that gives him future-sight. He rarely reveals the nature of his visions, but rumor has it that he has told the Aelvenking of the exact day and time of Cwmb Bheinn's eventual fall. Many elves of the Cwmb Bheinn await this day as if it were openly foretold, but a few wonder if something may be done to forestall the realms doom.
  • The Aelvenking's hoard may be the reason that the Lamia and so many others covet Cwmb Bheinn. Though the elven realms boasts a modest treasury, some say Allan Alaigh possesses some of the most powerful and mundane items of Cerilia. Certainly, a king who has lived for than a millennia must have had many opportunities to pad his coffers.
  • (For the regent only) Allan Alaigh has heard that messages, sent in his name, have reached the regent of Rovninodensk. These messages invite Rovninodensk to attack the goblin realm of Kal Kalathor with the promise that Cwmb Bheinn will support the invasion. Allan does not know where these messages originated, but suspects the Lamia, or perhaps the Raven. If the most influential human realm in the area can be forced into a war with the goblins, then Cwmb Bheinn will have one less potential ally. Unfortunately, Allan Alaigh (or his successor) has no more way of doing anything about the situation yet.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Cwmb Bheinn
Cilmwyaren (5/9)AA (4)-GG (2)FT (8)
Dinas Mawwy (3/9)AA (1)-GG (1)FT (7)
Holt (4/9)AA (3)-GG (4)FT (5)
Llywyngsiele (6/9)AA (6)-GG (2)FT (5)
Van Garreg (3/9)AA (1)--FT (0)
Wrexwyn (4/9)AA (3)-GG (2)FT (8)
Abbreviations: AA = Allan Alaigh (the Aelvenking); GG = Glynna Godeseyr (Rhuannadaraight Woodworkers); FT = Finnegan Treusyyght
  • Law: Allan Alaigh rules as much (or more) of the law in his realm as he feels his people will tolerate. A freedom-loving folk, the elves of Cwmb Bheinn nevertheless realize the desperate need for strong, centralized leadership. They may occasionally chafe at their lord's restrictions, but would rather do so than be destroyed by their enemies.
  • Temples: Though the elves of Cwmb Bheinn revere the forest and perform many celebratory rituals of life, they have no organized religion and no temples.
  • Guilds: The Aelvenking encourages interaction with neutral neighbors; as a result, Glynna Godeseyr trades with the humans of Yeninskiy and Kozlovnyy. The timber of Cwmb Bheinn, it is said, surpasses that of any oak harvested and treated by man, and the carpentry of the elves cannot be beaten by any mortal hands.
  • Sources: It may seem odd to an outsider that the magical, elven realm of Cwmb Bheinn, has, as its primary magical defender, a half-elven wizard. Still, Finnegan Treusyyght is not just any half-elf. A world traveler of great wisdom, Finnegan may be all that stands between Cwmb Bheinn and its downfall.
  • Provinces: The Aelvenking rules all the provinces in Cwmb Bheinn. Less than a decade aga, he ruled two provinces now in the Raven's realm, Tommot and Zaliv, but they have been poisoned against him.

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