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Herran Alam came to the throne when his brother, Jerem Alam died on the walls of Haes during an assault on the capital city of Tuornen. Herran was the son of Berric Alam and Ellaen Laraeth. He was married to Serta Deseirain and is the father of Carilon Alam, Aesele Alam, Constance Alam, and their youngest, Moerlan Alam.
Herran was prepared as an administrator to assist his brother, Jerem. When he came to the throne unexpectedly, he was desirous of pursuing a policy of peace and recovery. As it happened, his great rival in Gilgaed Flaertes also desired peace, even staying the hand of Braedonnal Tuare.
Herran was a fiscally prudent monarch who restored the fortunes of an effectively bankrupt treasury by introducing ruthlessly efficient mechanisms of taxation. In this he was supported by his chancellor, Viceprelate John Moertain, whose "Moertain's Fork" was a catch 22 method of ensuring that nobles paid increased taxes. Alamie's government was also reformed with the introduction of the Duke's Council that kept the nobility in check.
Herran's policy was both to maintain peace and to create economic prosperity. Up to a point, he succeeded in both. He was not a military man, and had no interest in trying to regain the Duchy of Tuornen; he was therefore only too ready to conclude a treaty with Gilgaed at Ghieste that both directly and indirectly brought money into the coffers of Alamie, and ensured that the peace would last. In the east, he arranged the marriage of his daughter, Aesele, to Daeric Mhoried.
Herran was one of the first regents to recognize the importance of the newly-united realm of Ghoere and thus concluded the Treaty of Tireste in 487 MR, by which his daughter, Constance Alam, was married to Orvaene Tael, the heir to Ghoere.
Herran's most successful economic related diplomacy came through the Magnus Intercursus. In 494, Herran had a trade embargo (mainly the trade of wool) with foreign guilders. This paid off for Herran as the Magnus Intercursus was accepted in the realm in 496 which helped to remove taxation for Alamien merchants and significantly increase the wealth of Alamie.

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