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Arms of the Flaertes familyArms of the Flaertes family

The Flaertes family is descended from Kaeduric Alam and his dalliance with '''Calle Tanner.
'''Kaeduric Alam, Archduke of Alamie, had an affair with Calle Tanner.
* Telaena Flaertes, Duchess of Tuornen, married to Vaeran Tuor
::* Gilgaed Flaertes, Duke of Tuornen, married to Fiarelle Llyrandor
::* Laela Flaertes, Duchess of Tuornen
::* Rosalind Flaertes
:* Laurel Flaertes, married to Donald Dhoesone, Baron of Dhoesone
::* Fhiele Dhoesone Baroness of Dhoesone

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