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Caliendre Boeruine was the wife of King Bervinig of Halskapa. She was the daughter of Borric Boeruine and Marianne Avan, and so half-sister of Aeric Boeruine. Her daughter is Hedda of Halskapa.
Borric had hoped to seal an alliance with a great Taelshore power to secure his back, while he contended with his great rival, Avanil. The advantages of such an alliance were not much realized, but a young Rjurik guilder, named Storm Holtson, got a license to represent Halskapa in Boeruine under the trademark of the Innsmark Company of Herbalists. Storm has been trading in Boeruine ever since, though his operation is now unified under the trademark of the Stjordvik Traders. It has turned out to be an unexpected, lasting consequence of Caliendre's marriage to Bervinig.

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