Innsmark Company of Herbalists

The Innsmark Company of Herbalists once dominated trade of all kinds in the area between the three great swamps of Rjuvik, Svinik, and Jankaping. The company specialized in herbs and other exotic plants that were specific to the wetlands of their region. Their organization was devastated by the rise of Fulgar the Bold in Rjuvik and that old reaver's rapid domination of trade in Rjuvik. The Innsmark guilders swiftly became defeated and despondent and only the high demand for their goods kept them from just fading away. Storm Holtson saw an opportunity and offered an alliance between the Innsmark Company of Herbalists and the Stjordvik Traders. It wasn't long before Storm was able to merge the two guilds and began trading hälsorooten as far away as Nolien.

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