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Arms of MountainsedgeArms of Mountainsedge

Mountainsedge is the most rural of Cariele?s three provinces. Mountainsedge has also seen the least amount of destruction to its forests. Whether or not this is due to the proximity of the elves of Tuarhievel can be debated.
The people here are more dour and isolationist than the people of Cariele?s other provinces, and they work day in and day out either logging or operating the scattered iron mines in the Stonecrowns.
The Carel River, a tributary of the Ruide River, springs from the mountains and flows north, dividing the province from the neighboring realm of Tuarhievel. Watchtowers and patrols keep a cautious vigilance along the elven border, for gheallie Sidhe raids into Mountainsedge have happened in the past.
The Stonecrown Coster controls the guild interests in this province and fortifies all its holdings here.
Mountainsedge is the fief of the twelve year old countess Alissa Baelcourt. Both of Alissa?s parents, the old count and countess, were killed in their carriage two years ago in a raid that was officially blamed on the gheallie Sidhe. Others quietly speculate that her parents, quiet critics of Mheallie Bireon, were killed by agents of the Guildmistriss. Alissa is known to be something of a budding scholar, and she spends all of her time studying in the library. It is said that she can already speak three languages other than her native tongue. Until she comes of age, the province is ruled by the Steward of the Baelcourt household, a staunchly aristocratic old woman named Melisandre Derthaen (FA, Rog 4, unblooded, LN). Lady Melisandre is a paid servant of Mheallie Bireon.
The crown maintains one unit of garrison archers here while Mheallie Bireon maintains two units of mercenary irregulars and a unit of guild scouts.
=== Nestier Falls:===
High in the Stonecrown Mountains, Nestier Falls is site of a pivotal battle over 1500 years ago that ended a bloody civil war in Cariele. The battle itself took place in a mountain field beneath the largest waterfall on the River Carel. It is here that Carel the Good, first Duke of Cariele, cleaved the head from his rebellious son and threw it into the pool beneath the fall.
Travellers rarely visit the Falls due to the area?s remoteness, but it is said that in recent years the crystal clear pool has taken on a decidedly blood red hue and that it is no longer possible to see the bottom. Most people discount these stories as nothing more than wild rumors.

[top]Stonepeak Tower:

Nearly a thousand years ago, the Empire supported the construction of a large stone watchtower atop one of the highest peaks in the Stonecrowns called Stonepeak Tower. After its completion, it was manned by stalwart warriors from the Imperial Temple of Haelyn who maintained a close vigil on the goings on in Markazor to the south and Tuarhievel to the east. The tower has been abandoned for the last two hundred years and much of it has now crumbled.

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