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Adapted from Oriental Adventures and Rokugan d20.
In Birthright, ancestry and blood are important concepts to your character. Ancestry helps define your character's destiny; because blood is thicker than water, and the divine blood of the ancient gods are even more so. At character creation, a player may select an Ancestor Feat to show that his character is descended from a notable ancestor such as Tristan d'Isilviere or even Roele himself.
Although Ancestor Feats are important, the scion of a particular bloodline does not need to choose an Ancestor Feat simply because Cerilian culture as a whole does not believe in Karma as a concept of predestiny. However, having an Ancestor Feat shows that your character has a specific destiny to fulfill or that he feels a strong connection to that particular ancestor.

[top]Behind the Curtain: Ancestor Feats

Elton Robb came up with the idea for adapting the Ancestor Feats when he was contemplating the ancestors of the Isilviere and the Tuor families. Since to some players, lineage is everything, he was mulling over on how to represent that as a gaming mechanic in Birthright. The solution was undeniable: Ancestor Feats.
By representing your geneaology with an Ancestor Feat, you are paying homage to your family. An Ancestor Feat represents a manifestation of a certain trait you share with your ancestor. However, unlike a Rokugani character (from Legend of the Five Rings), an Ancestor Feat isn't really needed by your character. But Ancestor Feats are an added dimension to Birthright in order for players to take advantage of the fact that lineage is everything.

[top]Table: List of Ancestor Feats

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