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    Just a brief discussion here on what is possible and not, within the toolset as it stands -

    The toolset itself is very intuitive, easy to learn and use - this is very good. So far, the customizability level, through hak paks and scripts also appears to be very good.

    The toolset suffers, however, from a lack of models - there aren't a lot of different models to choose from (I think only two trees, for instance), and those that can be used aren't as customizable as one would desire (i.e. houses and such are premade, with little ability to customize within the toolset itself).

    As it stands, the basic toolset is well suited to adventures in certain types of locations, but less well suited to others. Further, the lack of available models makes it hard to justify adventures in certain types of cultural regions - for now, the toolset seems suited to adventures within Anuire, Brechtür and perhaps dwarven lands, but less well suited, or not at all suited, to adventures in the other lands of Cerilia, or other, more alien cultures, unless you sacrifice the distinctive architecture of a certain civilization.

    I find this to be a rather serious drawback at the moment, stifling creativity; it should be solved once more custom material hits the street.

    It would perhaps be interesting if the community here at came up with a standardized way of rendering the things that are specific to BR, such as blood abilities, and then have everyone make use of that set, whether it be a script or something else, for practical reasons.

    Another possible community project would be the creation of a communal set of modules for the BR world. This could be organized in several different fashions; however, for such a project, a smaller group is better than too large a group, and a group of people dedicated to various functions would be desirable as well. If there is any interest in setting up such a group, let's start talking about how to organize things.

    One way to start would be to make country modules - i.e. take the information from the Player's Secrets books (dump the stupid stuff), and transfer it to a Birthright context. Two separate types of modules could be written, featuring the same areas - one for players as adventurerers, and one for players as regents. Some mechanism would have to be derived for handling regency affairs (not on a domain level, more akin to a court hall filled with advisors than anything else).

    Should we try to get such a project rolling?
    Jan E. Juvstad.

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    I'm primarily working on single adventure-based modules, although the modules do look like being rather large. My current college of sorcery module is up to 1.5meg in size and I've only really added in one tavern and a single city section, oh plus a small section of the sewers and a single temple.

    The toolset is limited a little in what you can put together and there is no empty room where you can place items to make an all new room, but with a little planning or mucking about you can come up with good liooking maps. I'm quite happy with the map's I've created so far, especially the temple. It uses the basic Good Temple group, but with altered lighting and a few special effects to give it an dark and eerie feeling. The glowing, bloodstained alter is a personal favourite. I've also been able to create a passable orog using the half-orc as a base and altering its appearance a little.

    The scripting is great though, you can do a lot with that (or rather my brother can, I have to get him to do most of it). In my tavern I've created, I have people carrying out conversations with each other, a barmaid who'll wander around the room and serve NPCs, a drunk who wanders about the room shouting and carrying on a slurred conversation with himself and more and I've have additional things planned (but don't want to give them away yet).
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