I have been giving a bit more thought to the Masetians as part of my
upcoming Adurian campaign. This is what I have come up with so far:

Pre-History. The Masetians once lived in the north-eastern coast of
Aduria, a ways south of present-day Mieres at the bend where the coast
begins going east instead of south. This can only be seen on the card
map from the boxed set. They lived here for thousands of years alongside
the Andu and Azhuri (IMC, Azrai`s race before he became the God of
Shadow), with the Brecht, Rjuven, and Vos along the north-west coast
accross the plains where the Andu lived.

The ancient Masetians are modeled after the Minoans and a bit on the
Myceneans, IMC. They were a great sea-faring people that plyed the
coastlines for trade and exploration. They held great tournaments of
physical athletics, with bull fighting/jumping and boxing holding center
stage. Their cities were not often fortified, and revolved around great
palaces. They were a very visual culture, with sculptures, motifs, and
architecture being the main forms of art. Take some time to research the
Minoans and Myceneans, you will see some amazing similarities in their
religion, and get a really good BR-ish culture in your head :-)

But then Azrai became corrupt and bitter (after his beloved tribe was
wiped out by the Andu & Basarji, IMC), and he devoted his time to
destroying the northern five tribes by using the then-barbarians and
beasts to the south. The Flight from Shadow came, and the Masetians fled
to present day Khinasi, where they met and befriended the Basarji. They
lived together in harmony, learning alot from each other. But once Azrai
pressed further into Cerilia, it was time to fight back. Masela tried to
rally her people together to fight Azrai, and while some did, the vast
majority decided instead to take the opportunity to re-claim their lost
homelands in Aduria while Azrai`s armies were all marching into Cerilia.
As the Battle of Deismaar occurred, the Masetians ignored the religious
leaders and the goddess herself. Their reasoning comes from the fact
they were a very peaceful people, pacifists, even. They did not want to
make war, even if their goddess commanded it. And why make war when they
could have what they wanted (their homelands) without it by simply
sailing there and maybe fighting a few skirmishes against the
defenseless Adurian occupiers?

Needless to say, Masela died before they reached their old homelands,
and the tidalwave from the cataclysm destroyed much of their fleet at
sea. They refused to believe the visions in dreams from a woman calling
herself Nesirie, who claimed to be the re-incarnation of Masela. They
instead took the tidal wave and the lack of priestly magics from Masela
as Masela`s spite against them for not helping her. When the few who
survived the tidal wave made it to shore, they vowed to forever leave
behind the ways of Masela. They headed inland, and became a wandering
people with vividly ornamented caravans, selling wares and services from
settlement to settlement in Aduria. They are now modeled after Gypsies,
and have completely forgotten their ancient roots of Masela and the sea.
They also no longer despise it, though (having forgotten it), so if a
great leader rose up among them, they might return to the sea and pick
up their old ways once again.

All is not lost of their culture, however. Some of Azrai`s peoples
occupying the Masetain lands picked up some of their ways, and have been
living there since. After Azrai`s death, they have found their own way
and made their own culture as an infusion of the old Masetian way, the
more warlike ways of Azrai, and some influences from other cultures.
They are athletic, although bull fighting and jumping are not among
them. They ply the sea alot, but only along the coast and short
distances. They also live in great palaced cities along the coast, but
they are now fortified and they take to land battles as often as sea
ones. IMC, they are modeled after the Mycaneans and southern Greeks in
culture and politics, but do not share the columned architecture of
Greeks, using the old Masetian style with modifications. These people
call themselves something other than Adurian or Masetian, have not come
up with a name yet, and they now spread along the coast eastward, away
from Cerilia and towards Djapar. They live in small city-states, rarely
larger than Medoere, and all huddled along the rocky, violent coastline
there or a little further inland, closer to the deserts and mountains of
inland Aduria.

This is about all I have, but I`d love any further ideas or details on
any of this.

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