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    For Game Modders

    Hey, I just had a brilliant idea! Are there any game modders on here? Any that do Medieval: Total War II? I saw someone do a LotR mod and was wondering... Birthright isn't too much different from M:TW II. Why doesn't someone try to do a mod of Birthright for it? Anyone up for doing it? I don't modd, but was hoping to give some inspiring ideas for things that would be great in it.

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    get dragon age ;-)

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    *sniffles* But Dragon Age isn't an empire-building game is it?

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    At 04:54 PM 12/21/2009, JakobLiar wrote:

    >*sniffles* But Dragon Age isn`t an empire-building game is it?

    Well, you wouldn`t want anyone to spoil it for you, would you?

    That said, the game is very much at the adventure level, but
    conceptually there is an interaction between what we BRers would see
    as a domain level of play. Unfortunately, that`s not really
    articulated in any sort of actual game mechanical way, so the setting
    and gameplay are really very much oriented towards a more
    "traditional" sense of adventure and play.

    Still, it`s worth a look for fantasy gamers, and BR fans in
    particular, if for no other reason than the fact that it works as an
    example of how one might conduct an adventure based on some large
    scale diplomacy, adventure, espionage and similar domain
    actions. The setting has a few ideas when it comes to how the races
    are treated and treat each other that could be easily `ported into BR
    and used as inspiration for role-playing. I`m thinking in particular
    of the attitude and persona of the elves, who differ from BR elves in
    many ways, but do have a similar "oppressed" vibe going on. Dwarves
    are also very interesting in the same sense.


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