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    A Game of Thrones

    First off, this game is not set in the world of George R R Martin. I just liked the title and thought it suited this particular game.

    The game is set in Anuire. People are invited to go to the forums and check it out. If you are interested in playing, then email me (details on applying are available on the forums).

    To visit the game forums or to apply to join, email Kalien on (forum url deleted due to suspected spambot activity)

    My email for the game is: DM at

    There are a few players signed up already (about 10 old friends or people who helped me get the ball rolling like Morg and Lyndon Baugh) but there are a lot of spaces still available.

    Note that there are several changes from the standard Anuirean setting and BR ruleset:

    * Following an initial period of civil war following the death of Michael Roele, Anuire has been governed by a council of the 12 Ducal Houses. They have the ability to pass laws, declare war - pretty much all that an emperor could do. However, enough of them (eight) must agree to a course of action for it to happen so lots of potential for political roleplaying there (and buying votes from less scrupulous Dukes)

    * The game does not use the BRCS or even d20. Character creation is based on an extremely simplified version of Ars Magica (characters have attributes, virtues and flaws – people who have made characters confirm it is a very simple process). Domain actions are resolved by a d10 roll. (We're not actually using Ars Magica, we just stole a couple character creation concepts from it, just as we are using many D&D concepts. Almost all descriptive text is lifted from Ruins of Empire or the original Birthright Rulebook).

    * There have been several holding changes to reflect recent setting history and the fact the setting timeline has been moved forward about ten years from the default setting in Ruins of Empire. Most are very minor. However, Ghoere has been split into two Duchies (the Highland/Overland Traders have also been split). Medoere has been reunited with Diemed.
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