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A> A thought I had a while back was this: Various things were imbued with
A> the Gods' bloodlines when they first went Kaboom at Deismaar; people
A> (some of who became Gods), animals (some of the ehrshegh and awnshegh),
A> rocks (the sielshegh gems), and even the land itself (as is evidenced by
A> things such as The Land's Choice for investiture, and the nature of
A> regency). Here's my suggestion: it seems the only thing that is required
A> on BR for granting spells or having priests is desire and bloodline
A> strength (shown by certain Awn- and Ehrshegh having priests). So why,
A> with enough worshippers, couldn't the land grant spells and powers as a
A> god?
A> Because the land has the blood of all of the gods in it, each individual
A> priest would have a slightly different view of everything, and therefore
A> different powers. Some would be tainted by Azrai, and possibly
A> eventually become an Awnshegh, or have strong ties to the other
A> religions, and possibly eventually become an Ehrshegh.
A> The ethos, I think, would be similar to a druid, but more devoted to the
A> nature of the bloodline. I don't know exactly what the specifics on
A> worship would be, probably something to do with a Neutral nature and a
A> desire to maintain the status quo, to support people who best maintain
A> the power given to them by their bloodlines and such. Also, I would
A> think that maybe some faith-specific spells could be developed that have
A> to do with controlling bloodlines (similar to the ones in priestcraft
A> and magecraft, maybe easier or more powerful). Well, here's what I've
A> got so far, tell me if I'm way off base or if I may actually have
A> something. I have included powers up to 24th level for the sake of
A> completeness, not because I expect to see them used (just like in High
A> Level Campaigns).

A> Priest of Cerilia
A> Requirements: Wis 12, Con 12, Int 12
A> Weapons: Standard Priest
A> Armor: Chain and lighter
A> Magical Items: As priest
A> Clergy Align: NG, LN, N, CN, NE
A> Sphere access
A> Major: All, Charm, Combat, Creation, Guardian, Healing, Protection,
A> Summoning, Travelers, Wards, Weather
A> Minor: Animal, Plant, Elemental Earth, Necromantic
A> Abilities:
A> Turn Undead
A> Identify Plants/Animals by sight
A> Stone Tell 2/Week
A> Powers:
A> 1st level: Bloodline Strength is 3d6, roll or choose one derivation to
A> suit the character
A> 3rd level: +d6 to BS, add another derivation randomly
A> 6th level: +d8 to BS, add another derivation randomly
A> 9th level: +d10 to BS, add another derivation randomly
A> 12th level: +d12 to BS, add another derivation randomly
A> 15th level: +2d8 to BS, to BS, add another derivation randomly
A> 18th level: Gain Bloodform or Bloodtrait at the Minor level
A> 21st level: Bloodform or trait raises to Major
A> 24th level: Bloodform or trait raises to Great

A> Restrictions: Priests may not begin with a bloodline, and may not gain
A> bloodline through bloodtheft. Indeed, wasting the lifeblood of a regent
A> in this manner is forbidden by the religion.

A> Optional: The returning of a bloodline of another to the land (in a
A> ritual similar to the one that Roele used, except with a sacrificial
A> flavor) may be within the boundaries of the land, and may be rewarded by
A> temporary or permanent benefits under circumsances…of course, this is a
A> more bloodthirsty view of the religion, probably only seen by the CN and
A> NE members (those with a greater degree of Azrai's blood).

A> Any suggestions or questions?
A> Thx,
A> Alaric
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Here is my reply:
actually, i see it as the other way around. the land, the 'World'
contains the mebhaighl (spelling?), which is a lot more than simply
'fluid magic' to me. it is like the 'Force' of Star Wars (sorry,
forgive me), but not polarized. it comes from all living things, and
binds them together, per se. the gods were actually born from this
stuff, as some sort of manifestation of the different races and
cultures. the Gods exibited the pinnicle, the perfection, of the God's
race. that is why all the gods seem to over lap in some areas, and are
not confined to one portfolio item, like the gods of many other AD&D
worlds. the BR gods are like 'Super People', of sorts. and just as
fleshed out personality and power wise.

so the gods were created from Mebh. for some reason, and then went
klaboom, spreading their 'blood' or their Mebh. components all over
everything. so in effect, the scions are very diluted demi gods in a
sort of way.

i have a small, growing priesthood that worships the earth, nature,
as a Giaia figure. i use the Treucht Chaupin (spelling?) for this. so
'Blood' as far as scions go, has been around since the beginning of
time, and the land may have granted a bloodline to someone who really
needed one and had proven himself as a leader, well before the battle
of Deismaar. it's just that afterwards, bloodlines became so common
(in the Lnad's point of View), that it ceased doing this except in
very rare circumstances.

i also see the new gods as now having their own bloodlines. that is
to say, if there was another big god boom, that derivations of Laerme,
Beliknik, etc. could wash the land. and i also see the gods as being
able to increase their strengths over time and effort, like regtents

oh, and if there was to be a child of Laerme & Cuiraecen (sp?), i
would see the child as a more monotheistic type of god. after all, it
would be a unification of an entire half of the Pantheon... so it's
powers and portfolio would be something like the God of the old
testament, maybe... more monotheistic. then if Kriesha & Beliknik had
a boy child, i would see it as taking on the portfolio of Revenge,
intelligent evil, vengence, cunning beyond compare.

nayway, those are my ramblings...

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