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Sent: Monday, September 15, 2003 8:00 PM

Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] Is there anything to BR besides a 3E conversion?

> I know I am not alone when I say I am disappointed that this forum has

> nothing much to say anymore about the setting anymore. All I ever see is


> conversion, a subject I could not find more tedious, since I have long


> completed my own conversion. This forum seems like its in a time warp.


> Everyone playing BR already has a conversion. The only reason to keep

> plugging away at a formal document is the vain hope that someone somewhere

> will stumble on a refernce to BR on dry parchment and investigate it.


> No one will be drawn to the game by 95% of anything I`ve seen on this


> in the past year. I already half expect no one is playing any more.


> they just get so much mail they don`t bother to wade in with a comment on

> the Vampire`s motivation, tactics for khinasi horse archers, or thoughts


> divison in Haelyn`s temples.


Actually I`m still trying to scan and print cards for my Birthright Saga

game (for personal use only!) since I like Saga and not 3E. But writing my

supers, my original FRPG, and others have hijacked my time from my more

labor of love as a gm system :)