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[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land

Unbrau is a new power in the region having displaced the canton of Uptlund. The extinction of Uptstadt's famed house of Uptheim has left the city in desperate straits, while Unbraustadt flowered under the patronage of a great and wealthy Khinasi wizard, Kamal Zikara. Kamal's neice, Frederika Liebshül, is Mater of Unbrau. She embraces both Khinasi and Brecht influences, and many of her citizens are of mixed heritage. Kamal's heroic achievements in nearby Khinasi realms open many doors for the Mater of Unbrau and she is able to mantain friendly ties with many places that still remember Kamal. Sendoure, especially, feels its debt of gratitude still.


Rheulgard was a colonial land during the days of the Free League of Brechtür. Explorers and military lords from Müden and elsewhere settled the forest as the elves withdrew to the heart of the Coulladaraight, Coullabhie.
The four provinces dominated by Unbrau today were formerly under the sway of the great house of Uptheim in Uptlund.
Khinasi wizard, Kamal Zikara was a hero of the Khinasi Plains States.


Eidgenossenschaft literally translates as "oath fellowship". League Of The Three Cantons
Various institutions unite Rhuelgard, these include the Army, the Treasury, and the High Court. Though each realm recruits, trains, and supplies its own troops, they are all commanded by the Kriegsmeister of Rheulgard and his captains. The Treasury of Rheulgard holds the wealth of the cantons under one key, although the treasury only holds the coin the remains after the various cantons meet their seasonal obligations. It is forbidden for a canton to maintain its own mint or to retain money for future projects. The High Court is a court of appeals from the cantonal courts, and has the authority to overrule them. It applies a common law for the whole realm. A pact known as the Rheulgardbrief prohibits taxation within the confederacy and establishes a common commercial code, encouraging guilders to regard Rheulgard as a single market. The Tagsatzung, or diet of Rheulgard meets several times a year to consider legislative matters. Finally the wizard, Rheulaan Greencloak, is a formidable force that proclaims himself the protector of Rheulgard. Stories abound that the Wizard of Forest Island pulls the strings between the rulers and may be part of the reason that the confederacy holds together as well as it does.

[top]Important Figures

Frederika Liebshül, Mater of Unbrau

Azusena ap-Drin, Solaris of the Wachen an Sonnlacht

[top]Plots and Rumours

The provinces to the south, in the Tarvan Waste are rich in magic and uncontrolled. Some claim to have seen Rheulaan Greencloak riding into the southlands to explore this territory. If so it might harbor a conflict with Barouya beni Uighers.

[top]Domain Holding Table

[table] class="wikitable" style="width:100%;
|+ style="background: #5D91A3" | Domain Table: Unbrau
! style="background: #5D91A3" ! Province !! style="background: #5D91A3" ! Law !! style="background: #5D91A3" ! Temple !! style="background: #5D91A3" ! Guild !! style="background: #5D91A3" ! Source
|Nochlauch (4/4)||FL (3)||Aa (3)||TY (3)||RG (1)
|||RK (0)||||||
|Unbraustadt (4/4)||FL (4)||Aa (4)||TY (2)||RG (2)
|Uptlund (5/0)||FL (1)||Aa (3)||-||RG (0)
|Wahlrud (5/0)||-||Aa (3)||-||RG (0)
|colspan="5"|Abbreviations: RK=Richard Kaysun (Meister of Poden); FL=Frederika Liebshül (Mater of Unbrau); Aa=Azusena ap-Drin (Wachen an Sonnlacht); TY=Tyrus Yurdvik (Bannalach Spoilers); RG=Rheulaan Greencloak

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