Little is truely known of the Charioteer. He is mainly a figure of myth, having been sighted in the snows of the Rjurik Highlands, the plains of Anuire and the deserts of the Khinasi. He will suddenly appear to travellers, hurtling across the land in all manner of sleighs, chariots and drawn-vehicles. He will offer them advice and guidance as to their travels and then leave as fast as he came. None have touched him for his aid is just spoken, never hands on. No-one has successfully entered his vehicle.

His ancestry is unknown. He speaks fluent Rjuven, Anuirean and Basarji. No-one has seen his face for his head is always covered by a helm clad in white leather, matching his white leather armour. However, some tales from Rjuvik tell of a man who once wore a similar armour. This spearman, Stig Valkoinen, was a jarl's captain who was last seen chasing a large wolf from the Blood Skull Barony that had killed the jarl's wife and son.

Some say that his heart ticks like a watch, and that he's confused by stairs.

Blood abilities: Direction Sense, Travel
Equipment: A Helm of Comprehend languages and Read Magic, leather armour +1, a spear +1 made from a branch of white ash


The Charioteer will always be willing to aid any travellers who are lost or whose transport is broken. He has a great understanding of anything mechanical about forms of transport and will give advice on how to repair or improve them. He will not carry messages for players, nor travel more than one day with them. Should the party be attacked whilst the Charioteer is with them, he will assist the party from his transport. His steed will not die whilst the Charioteer is still alive.

However, he will not let any join him on his own transport. If any player attempts, he will quickly move away. If the player/s continue to attempt, he will abandon them, quickly disappearing out of sight. Should the Charioteer be killed, his steeds will break free from their harness and flee as untamed creatures. If the party attempts to use the chariot, they will find that is no better than a standard farmcart. They will not be able to match the speed and maneouverability of the Charioteer.

[top]Appearance and Development

As an ehrshegh, the Charioteer's appearance will change as it grows in powers and abilities, due to the development/acquisition of Bloodtrait and an increased bloodline score.

Level 0: The Charioteer is a man. After his death, the helm and armour can be removed and be worn by others. The helm covers the entire face.

Level 1: The Charioteer now has the blood ability Bloodtrait. The helm is now fused to his head. It still functions as a magical item if separated, but this will take a bit of work. The armour can still be removed from his body. His skin is now white.

Level 2: The Charioteer's feet are now permanently attached to the chariot. The chariot will change form depending on the terrain. The Charioteer, his helm and armour are all one and the same. PCs will get no obvious benefit from trying to cut the helm or armour from body.

Level 3: The Charioteer's body is now merged with the walls of the chariot. The Charioteer can grow new spears on its arms, one per combat round (so these can be thrown every second round). The spears are still +1 magical weapons. The Charioteer will only generate the spears for his own use. He does not store spare spears.

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