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The Fortress is a temple to Cuiraécen hidden in the mountains of the Chimaeron.

[top]Doctrine and Faith

The Fortress is one of the youngest orders dedicated to the Stormlord. It was created in 462 MR, shortly after the transformation of the Chimaera, by a splinter group of the Church of Storm's Height of Osoerde. The creator of the order was a cleric named Liesen Kelaen and he was instructed to guard eastern Anuire from the belligerence of the Chimaera and from an encircling attack through Kiergard by the Gorgon. Meanwhile the Fortress holds the passes that run through the Iron Peaks too. As a splinter group of the Church of Storm's Height members of the Fortress still center their prayers on storms and worship Cuiraécen's portfolio aspect of the storm. Members of the church are said to be aggressive and daring.

[top]The Land



Like the others church of Cuiraécen, The Fortress is a militant faith and it has a military structure.
Lay followers tend to the daily activities of the church while true clerics, paladins and fighters get trained in military matters and patrol the areas around their temples.

[top]Centers of Worship

The Fortress' central temple is Storm's Hold located in the province of Careine in the northwestern part of the Chimaeron. This temple has a very rustic look and is decorated with weapons of all kinds hanging on the walls. They are proud of their collection of very exotic weapons like dwarven waraxes or curious weapons taken from enemies like the Goblins and Gnolls. The only piece of true wealth within the church is a holy symbol made of platinum and gold inlaid in the altar.

[top]Important Figures

High Fist of Cuiraécen Tugaere Issimane (MAn; Clr7/Stf2, Cuiraécen; Scion of Anduiras, major, 17; CG). Tugaere Issimane is a young, ambitious and very rigorous man, completely fearless and indomitable. He has fought countless fights against roaming monsters within the Chimaeron and nothing has forced his retreat from the realm.

[top]Plots and Rumours

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