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the Tarvan Waste is a true desertthe Tarvan Waste is a true desert

The Tarvan Waste is a true desert. Not much rain comes from the West, as all of the water in the Gulf of Coeranys feeds most of the Plains of Khinasi. Not much water flows up from the south or the north or the east. The Waste is an inhospitable place. Once Djira was part of this realm, but that realm was destroyed by the Vos from the North.
Now the Tarvan Waste is home to kangaroo rats, poisonous sidewinder rattlesnakes, asps, vultures, hawks, and adders. Very few big animals can be seen in the waste. The vegetation is hardy and all that there is in the way of humanoid life are a few Khinasi tribes, some Vos raiding parties, and gnoll marauders. The Vos rely on their horses to carry them over the terrain. While the Khinasi depend on camels -- both bactarian and dromedary camels. The gnolls use riding lizards.

[top]Life and Society

Most Tarvan tribesmen spend at least part of their time raiding. Bandits range into Kozlovnyy and Aftane, as well as Brecht Rheulgard to the northwest. Needless to say, rival bands commonly feud with each other, also. The Tarvan Waste is a savage and unforgiving place in the best of times. In times of drought, it becomes a storm of raids and counter-raids.

[top]The Land

The Tarvan Waste contains some of the Cerilia's least hospitable terrain. Its plains are dry and lifeless wilderness of dust and stone, and water remains scarce everywhere, with the exception of provinces near the Zhainge. In the initial Basarji expansion, this region's obstacles pinned settlers to the coastal plains, allowing only the hardiest to claim it.

Few bordering states have any imperial ambitions in the Tarvan Waste: the Red Kings and the Sphinx already govern enough of the empty steppe. The Vos of Kozlovnyy would like to expand across the Zhainge, but they know the Uighers will fight to stay independent.



Rule of the Tarvan Waste remains contested among several chieftains and war leaders. Khinasi herdsmen and humanoid marauders live here. Uigher chieftain Rashid has some measure of control over the river provinces, but most of the Waste is held by whoever happens to have the most warriors there. For example, a powerful gnoll tribe called the Stone Axes controls a large part of the Tarvanian Hills.They follow a shaman called Ghuydaka and claim Ras Ghineb and the Stone Field - plus parts of Rafr, where they raid back and forth with Uighers. It's believed that Ghuydaka and his gnolls serve the Sphinx.

Several lesser herder clans and bandit groups contest the northern provinces. However, so few people live there that the area has never seen a bettle larger than skirmish. Once this region fell under the rule of the Kharnegui clan, a prosperous group of nomads from Seif el-Avarra in the old domain of Irbouda; however, the Sphinx subjugated Kharneghuis many years ago.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Rumors, Secrets and Plots

Teira min Uighera is Rashid's cousin and chief rival. This fiery priestess intends to lead the Uigher tribesmen into greatness. First, she will conquer the squabbling chieftains of Tawir, Mesel and Dirche. Once she holds these lands, she plans to storm the Stone Axe strongholds and eradicate the gnoll tribe.

Many of the clan's younger warriors favor Teira's militant views, and Rashid often finds himself manipulates by the priestess. He doesn't realize the depth of her ambition - she intends to remove him by whatever means necessary if he hinders her plans.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Tarvan Waste
Aghedir (0/5)----
Dirche (0/5)----
el-Kesir (1/4)RU (1)RHA (1)ZMG (1)Bar (3)
Mesel (0/5)----
Rafr (1/4)RU (0)RHA (1)ZMG (1)Bar (4)
Ras Bedra (0/7)---AZ (7)
Ras Chineb (1/6)SA (1)SA (1)-Bed (6)
el-Sefra (1/4)RU (1)RHA (1)ZMG (1)Bar (3)
The Stone Field (0/5)SA (0)SA (0)-Bar (2)
Tawir (0/5)---Bar (2)
Timbedrif (1/4)RU (1)RHA (1)--
Ziguin (0/5)----
Abbreviations: RU = Rashid min Uighera (Eastern Tarvan Waste); RHA = Raging Heart of Avani (Teira min Uighera); ZMG = Zhaïnge Merchant Guild (Aswan bin Serhouf); Bar = Barouya; AR = Adara bint Reshoud; SA = Stone Axes (Ghuydaka); Bed = Bedoureg

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