Szarite School

The Szarite School, or Medoere School, of Ruornil is a school of Ruornilism that is concerned with protecting the Daylight World from the Shadow World. Although the school is ancient, stemming from just after Deismaar when the Imperial Temple included both Ruornil and Haelyn; it is named after Brun Szareh who was the twelfth Sacred Voice of Ruornil.
The school teaches that the Shadow World is encroaching and that Ruornil is fighting a war against the Shadow to protect from incursion. Medoerans who are members of the Ruornil's Celestial Spell are taught that their devotions to Ruornil will keep the Shadow World at bay. This is known as casting Ruornil's Celestial Spell. However, some in the Church feel that they cannot look to the future but protect the present.
Some of the Order of the Crescent train themselves to fight and defeat the undead that may cross the evanescence when there is a Shadow World incursion. Aided by the more concerned priests of the Celestial Spell, these Crescent Knights are Knight Errants who seek out Shadow World incursions and defeat any Undead there. As errant Knights of the Crescent, they tend to adventure all over seeking breeches in the evanescence.

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