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The Synod of Calrie established the independence of the Eastern Temple of Nesirie from the Orthodox Imperial Temple.
The temples of Aerenwe remained loyal to the idea of a united Imperial Temple, long after it ceased to be a practical fact. Once the Orthodox Imperial Temple and the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn split over tactics and began to represent two rival orthodox positions, the unity of the Southern Coast The Orthodox Imperial Temple advocated the totality of Haelyn's creed, while the Impregnable Heart sought an emphasis to focus on to make Haelyn's creed clear and understandable.
The priests and priestesses of Aerenwe supported the Orthodox Temple and opposed the Impregnable Heart. Once Ruornil?s Celestial Spell asserted itself in Medoere, the distance between Aerenwe and Diemed seemed great enough that a question was raised about continued organization unity between the and eastern and orthodox temples.
A synod was called in Calrie to decide what the temples of Aerenwe should do. The Synod of Calrie was presided over by the Patriarch of the Orthodox Imperial Temple. The clerics of Aerenwe assembled and addressed the issues before them. It quickly became apparent that the clerics of Nesirie outnumbered those of Haelyn and therefore the successor temple would be a Nesiriean temple. The next major question then followed regarding the clerics of Haelyn: would they continue their connection to the local temple of Aerenwe, or remain loyal to the Orthodox temple in Aerele. Cooperation and good will between the priests of Nesirie and Haelyn was long established in Aerenwe. The synod resolved that the official doctrine of the Eastern Temple of Nesirie regarding Haelyn established at Aerele would be authoritative, that clerics of Haelyn both within the temple and from the Orthodox temple would be co-equal with clerics of Nesirie, and that the temples of Haelyn in Aerenwe would pay tithes to the unified Eastern Temple of Nesirie rather than to the Orthodox temple.

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