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Legendary Items: The Sword of the Anuirean Empire

Common knowledge is what anyone with the right skill or a Bardic check could know, further history is more of an Identify thing. It all boils down to flavor.

[top]Common knowledge

The Sword of the Anuirean Empire is the traditional sword of the Anuirean Emperors. It is said to have been once wielded by Roele himself and reforged to the exact same model a dozen times or more the sword is more symbol than weapon. As befits a martial people however the sword is still serviceable although somewhat over jeweled than most of its brethren.


Often concerned with the Sword of Roele, the sword of the Anuirean Empire is a completely different blade, albeit still a longsword in Anuirean style, likely made by the dwarves, bearing two rubies (the symbol of Anduiras and thus the house of Roele). The words 'honor' and 'justice' are written on the faces of the blade.

[top]Further history



Longsword +2, +2 to charisma, minor blood ability (courage).

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