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The Sword of the Roeles: In modern Cerilia and Anuire specifically, when one mentions the sword of Roele they are often referring to the broken remnants of the sword gifted to Michael Roele by the Dwarves of Baruk-Azhik upon his ascension to the Imperial Throne that now hangs from the Gorgons wall as a trophy of the Awnsheghliens? defeat of the ill fated Emperor.
It is only in the cloistered halls of church libraries and bards colleges that the Original Sword of empire, The Sword of the Roeles, is still spoken of and then only by a shrinking few as the knowledge of its existence grows dimmer and dimmer.
In the Dark days before the battle of Mount Deismaar when the Dwarves first joined with men to resist the shadow, in a show of alliance and common purpose they presented to the brothers Haelyn and Roele a matched pair of swords.
Long and heavy bladed they were a marvel for the time when the crafts of men could not hope to create so wonderful a tool of warcraft. The Brothers mastered the use of the new weapons and carried them to war and to the slopes of Deismaar.
Haelyns? blade is said to have ascended with him, but the Sword of Roele was never far from the first emperors? side. It came to symbolize the authority of the Emperor and when Roele passed every emperor that followed bore the blade as a part of his Birthright.
In the Year 784 H.C. (-189 M.R.) the Emperor Alandalae was slain at the battle of Asarwe. It is here that the Sword of the Roeles disappears from history. How could the vanishing of such an important artifact to the Empire be glossed over? Was it embarrassment or perhaps fear of the loss of prestige? It is unlikely the weapon ended up in the hands of El-Arrasi for even his enemies acknowledged he was an exceedingly honorable foe. That El-Arrasi and the new Emperor Caercuillen remained close friends after being foes indicates to historians that El-Arrasi did not keep for himself the blade of the Empire. The fate of the blade became tangled and mired in the Anuirean Histories. The desire to keep secret its vanishing and the short lifespan and memories of men did much to envelope the fate of the Sword in mystery.
The Replica gifted by the Dwarves to Michael Roele in the year -15 M.R., has come in the minds of all but a learned few to represent the actual sword of the Empire.

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