Sonya's Feast

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Centuries ago Sonya, one of the rare warrior women of Vosgaard, led her tribe in a raid on a neighbouring tribe when a prolonged winter exhausted her tribe?s food stores. Her warriors were victorious, but she found that the other tribe had been in equally dire straits. Showing the grim practicality which elevates the Vos over the petty fools of the so-called civilised realms, Sonya ordered that her warriors feast on the dead tribesmen and so sustain themselves through the grim winter. "Sonya?s feast" is the name given to the practice, of raiding for food where it is expected that either the raiders or the raided will become the food in question.
The Vos are well aware of the effect that this practice has on the lesser races of Cerilia and well often eat the heart of a felled opponent to intimidate the remaining foes, or permit one captive to watch such a feast and then flee to tell their fellows of the fate which awaits them.
The nona Vos scorn such traditions, feeling that the consumption of human flesh is repugnant and bestial. Even amongst the torva Vos the practice is in decline although some priests of Belinik demand it from a tribesman before recognising the tribesman as a warrior.

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