Arjan has spent a lot of time building the wiki, and will no doubt spend a lot more time maintaining and expanding it.
If you want to make a donation to various running costs; or simply say 'thank you Arjan'; his pay-pal is:

[top]Special Thanks

Below a list of people i would like to thank for donating and making it possible to continue this website

  • Tracy Snow

Thanks Arjan, Hope it helps!
Tracy a.k.a. Gaidin
  • Brian Palmer

Thanks, I've been kind of a lurker in the whole campaign but I've benefited enormously from your work (even starting an online game through the use of a PhPbb board) Hope this helps to keep things going. You guys have ALWAYS done an excellent job!
  • Martin (aka Lifesbane)

Thanks for all the hard work Arjan.
  • Bryce Whitacre

Here's that xx bucks I promised. Thanks for access to this site.
  • Anonymous

(i know who you are A. thnx!)
  • Mario Lovric

Hey there A., it's Rey.
I know I'm late, but you'll find some way to use the money well. Hope to see BR wiki and the site evolve to it's fullest.
Nice job so far.
Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia
  • Mihai/Dark Apple

Hi Arjan,
I have perused this site for enough time to bring in my contribution.
Thanks for your work.
Dark Apple
  • Michael Snyder

Thanks, Arjan, for all your hard work and dedication.


  • Vicente Cartas Espinel

A small contribution for, all the time you have put on the old list and the new site is amazing man. Congrats for a very well done work.
  • Richard Thatcher

Hi Arjan. I thought I'd donate some cash to keep the website going :)
  • Michael Niemann

Its been great being able to help with the wiki and very helpful being able to search the archives. I hope this helps a little to maintain the site for the next year. Divide it between the licenses/site fees as you see fit.
  • Andrew Tall

Hi Arjan, contribution towards license for
  • Joseph Donlon

A token of thanks for all of your work on Please use it to help defray the costs of maintaining the site.
Many thanks from a long time lurker.
  • Kenneth Gauck

I figured I'd just pick up the vBulletin license this time, and that way the rest can go to the wiki license and any server contribution as well.


  • Arius Vistoon
  • Michael Romes
  • Keith Foyston


  • Gary "Geeman"
  • Michael Mead
  • Duane Eggert

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