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Rohrmarch's economy is dominated by two guilds, the Steelbenders' Guilden and the Frodrik Forestannen. The Frodrik Forestannen is concentrated in the forest provinces and specialises in the lumber and leather trade. The Steelbenders' Guilden operates mines in Rohrgaard for iron, copper and coal. The metals are then transported in wagons to smithies in Alklund and Nunkappel, where they are forged into weapons or ingots. During the civil war, there was an unwritten agreement between the two regents and the Steelbenders' Guilden that no attacks could be made against the convoys for the metals.

Since the battle of Friedhaven, however, the Steelbenders' Guilden has lost several convoys to Warkinde's men. These attacks have so angered Siegfried Lessen, the head of the Steelbenders' Guilden, that he has pledged allegiance to the new regent and presented the regent with a gift of 2 GB. With his festering hatred of Kurt Warkinde, whom he blames for his father's death, Frodrik Forestannen guildmaster Frederick Buchassen has also pledged allegiance to the new regent and presented a gift of 2 GB.

There is little trade between Rohrmarch and its neighbors. The exception is the Chimaeron. Both the Steelbenders' Guilden and Frodrik Foresstannen tap into the trade route that passes through the towns of Barniere, Ruorkhe and Careine in the Chimaeron. The trade is negligible in revenue but it allows the guilds in Rohrmarch to acquire certain goods that they do not themselves produce.

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