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Arms of RiverfordArms of Riverford

Riverford is the most developed province in Cariele and the province that has seen the most logging. It is here that the effects of Mheallie Bireon's policies can be most seen. The many villages, towns, and occasional cities are all surround by substantial assart. Notably, a road runs from Caerlinien to the Carel River, where a ferry waits to take passengers across to Tuarhievel. It is well known that Mheallie Bireon maintains a significant trade route into the very heart of the elven kingdom through her other guild, the Northlands Exchange.
A major road also leads from Caerlinien to the town of Riverford itself, where ferries shuttle goods and passengers across the Ruide River. The river is of sufficient depth that it allows some larger ships to reach the town. It is here that Bireon maintains a fleet of five caravels that run merchant missions to other parts of Anuire and also attempt to keep the river clear of pirates and goblin raiders.
The Stonecrown Coster makes it center here, and fortifies its holdings in Cariele.
The province is officially ruled over by Count William Gladanil, brother of nominal regent, Entier Gladanil.
The crown maintains one unit of garrison archers in Riverford and Mheallie Bireon maintains the core of her force here, one unit of elite infantry, two units of mercenary archers, and two units of pikemen.
The province is further protected by a level 5 fortification.

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