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Regien Tael was Baron of Ghoere in the early 4th century. He was the son of Graeham Tael, himself Baron of Ghoere, and Briende Ghieste, Duchess of Ghieste. He was married to Gavriel Tirese. Gherryt Tael was his son.
Regien's mother died while he was a child, and his uncles succeeded in succession. When all died without offspring, succession moved to Regien's great uncle, Rhegor Ghieste. After Rhegor's youngest brother and heir presumptive, Trevan Ghieste, died, Regien became a major candidate for heir to the Duchy of Ghieste.
Rhegor refused to accept any solution that threatened to risk disinheriting any son he might someday have and moved to push Regien out of the ducal court. This began a series of conflicts starting with the First Battle of St Albans. Regien was able to muster better troops and defeated the larger Ghiestean army in defensive positions at St Albans, restoring his position at court.

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