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Although the common bloodlines are described in the BRCS these are not the only bloodlines existing in Cerilia. In several realms, scions can be found whose family lines contains different blood powers, although these are typically rare or unknown outside the realm.

[top]Blood abilities

[top]Blood history (major)

Most families can access this trait at only the Minor rank. At Major rank the scion can access memories of powerful scions that they or an ancestor usurped, or who invested their bloodline into the scion or an ancestor. Further if the scion makes a bardic knowledge check (see P42, BRCS), they can try and access skills used in their blood memories three times a day and if successful gain 8 ranks of skill (+3 if they already have the skill). The scion can however be distracted at times as particularly strong memories crowd into their mind, it is said that some of these scions have even temporarily become lost in memories, convinced that they are a parent, etc. Generally the more distant the relation, the harder it is to access memories but the memories of some strong willed ancestors remain strong eternally - Katherine Gauren Danig for example remembers every blow struck and wound felt by her ancestor Pieter at Deismaar and her family's expulsion from Gaurenstadt with crystal clarity.

[top]Corrupt Touch

A variant of wither touch possessed by some awnsheghlien, the affected limb is not withered, but instead corrupted into a form like that of the awnsheghlien. If the damage caused by the touch is not swiftly healed the area affected is permanently corrupted. It is rumored that more powerful awnshegh can shape the corrupted flesh to their whim rather than simply making it a shadow of their own corrupted form, other rumors say that where the flesh goes the spirit and blood follow, and that corrupted scions will inevitably become awnsheghlien themselves.

[top]Scion tracking

This is found in the bloodlines of Reynir and Azrai.

At Minor rank this allows the scion to detect other scions at 1 foot*charisma modifier (of both scion and target) and adds +2 competence to attempts to track a scion.

At Major rank this allows the scion to detect other scions at 10 feet*charisma modifier (of both scion and target) and grants +10 on attempts to track scions.

At great rank the ability grants +10 on attempts to track scions, the scion always recognizes other scions as such on sight, the scion can attempt to recognize the specific bloodline with an intelligence check DC 35 - the target's bloodline, less 2 if the bloodline is minor, 5 if it is major, 10 if it is great and 15 if the target is a awnsheghlien.

Success by more than 10 indicates that the specific 'family scent' is recognized by the scion possibly giving an indication of abilities.

The blood ability is known to be possessed by bloodhounds, in particular the Wesbralen Blacks of Müden and the Daulton Royals of Avanil in Anuire. It is also seen in some blooded chargers (such as the Bacaele Striders). Infamously it is also strong in the Donnerssohn family of Müden, and less well known, the Reiziger family of Rjurik. The bloodline is marginally more common amongst goblins and ogres with several families possessing the power.

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