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Although the common bloodlines are described in the BRCS these are not the only bloodlines existing in Cerilia, in several realms scions can be found whose family lines contains different blood powers, although these are typically rare or unknown outside the realm.

[top]Krov Volka

Blood of the Wolf (Blood Ability; Azrai; Minor, Major, Great)

This unique blood ability was first expressed in Gregor Zolnik after killing the previous Boyar, it's uniquely contagious nature has meant that it was spread throughout much of the population of Vorostokov's population in the last 30 years.


Twice per day, the possessor of this bloodline may shift shape between human and wolf forms; the form chosen is maintained indefinitely and requires no concentration (see MM Lycanthrope for werewolf statistics). This change may be brought upon involuntarily by a massive shock to the body, celestial phenomena or committing acts of great violence (this only works in the direction of manàwolf), Will save (DC 25) to resist. Involuntary changes last for a minimum of 1d4 hours. In either form the character finds it difficult to resist committing acts of violence when the opportunity presents itself, requiring a Will Save (DC 10) to resist otherwise unprovoked violence.


The character may also change into a man-wolf form (see MM Lycanthrope article for werewolf statistics) and the shift may occur four times a day; the Will save to resist involuntary change declines to a DC 20. The DC to resist unprovoked violence increases to 15.


Individuals possessing this ability can change into both a wolf and a man-wolf (as per the Major ability). The character may change form at will and resists involuntary change at a DC 15, though resists the potential to commit violence at a Will save DC of 20. Moreover, any person who comes into contact with the blood or saliva of this individual must pass a Will Save (DC 20) or develop the Krov Volka minor blood ability. If the character does not have a bloodline, this manifests as a supernatural ability; characters with bloodlines replace one of their minor or major blood abilities with Krov Volka. The possessor of the Great bloodline has a +10 bonus to charisma checks when dealing with his or her "children". Currently, only Gregor Zolnik has manifested this ability.

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