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Odolf the Strong was actually named Odolovich Karkev, but Talinien ears did not make sense of this Vos name and refered to this adventurer by the name of their more familiar Rjurik neighbors whom the Taliniens regarded as backward enough to produce this rough and uncivilized champion.
This strange hero worshiped strength in the form of Belinik, though he learned during his many years in Anuire to conceal some of the differences in Belinik's doctrine to those of Haelyn, for it won him no friends to exault the Vos god of might and victory.
Hired on as a mercenary with other Vos warriors, Odolovich fought in the Second Rohr-Kier War where he was captured by a free lance fighting for the other side, Cosima Edrandson. The Vos warrior was impressed by the power and prowess of the Anuirean woman, and they fell in love.
They adventured across Anuire for a dozen years, visiting Khinasi, Brecht, and Rjurik realms as well. At the end of this period, Cosima had recovered the Shield of Justice, fought against Daen Roesone, recovered her mother's lands in Edlin, plundered the Temple of the Silver Circle, and barely escaped an ambush by the Spider himself, all with Odolovich by her side. At 32 years old, however, the mighty Cosima fell in the Battle of Broken Timbers in Sutren Hills answering the call to defend Elinie against another incursion by the Gorgon.
Heartbroken and devestated, Odolovich brought their two year old daughter and infant son to their mother's family to be raised. In Roesone, the Caerlie family was dispossesed by Igor Borokiev, one of Daen Roesone's lieutenants. The Caerlies could offer little help to Odolovich except to direct him to the family of Cosima's father, the Edrandsons of far off Talinie. Igor attempted to recruit Odolovich, but the Vos father of two children resisted the powerful tempation in order to put his two children into the hands of kinswomen who could care for them as children.
In 494 MR, four years after the death of Cosima, Odolovich finally found Isiabael Edrandson, Cosima's sister, and convinced the Talinien noblewoman to raise these children, Cynara Edrandson and Alexander Edrandson. Odolovich was no longer the mighty warrior, weakened by many combats, the death of Cosima, and the difficult odyssey to find Cosima's family. Odolovich died at the end of winter, at the begining of 495. The Taliniens, who barely knew him, called him Odolf the Strong.

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