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Part of the Cry Havoc in Birthright system.

On some occasions a Unit will need to check for morale. A morale check basically is an opposite roll between morale score of the target and the Intimidate score of the threatening party.
When a unit needs to make a morale check roll a d20 and ad the units morale score. The opponent rolls a d20 and adds its intimidate score. If the morale check result is lower than the Intimidate check, then the unit has failed its morale check.
How to Check Morale

To make a morale check, roll 1d20 and add the defending unit?s morale bonus (see below). The attacker rolls an intimidate check; roll 1d20 and add the attacking unit?s morale score (see below). Most morale checks are opposed checks, but some have set DCs. Both morale and intimidate checks are subject to the modifiers shown in Table below.
  • Morale bonus: Unit's Hit Dice + average Wisdom modifier + average misc. modifiers to will saves and fear
  • Intimidate score: ½ units HD + cha bonus or Intimidate skill check (whichever is higher)



Each five ranks of lead of any commander or hero with the unit 1


Each 10 % eliminated from the unit


Unit on higher ground 2

+ 1

Unit charging


Unit set versus charge


Unit has received the Bolster Morale order this turn 3


Unit has received the Embolden Unit order this turn 4


1. Apply the bonus only once, no matter how many commanders or heroes are with the unit.This bonus stacks with the one from the Bolster Morale order.
2. This bonus applies when the unit is in melee combat and is at a higher elevation than all foes in melee contact with it.
3. This bonus applies from the time the unit receives the order until its activation the next round.
4. The commander giving the order makes a command check, and the unit uses either this check result or its own morale check result, whichever is higher. The +2 bonus from the Bolster Morale order applies to the command check, but the commander making the check does not apply a +1 bonus for being with the unit. Any bonus for another commander or hero with the unit does apply to the command check, however.
Subject of a Charge Attack

A unit subjected to a charge attack by a unit of creatures at least one size category larger than its own members (or by an individual at least two size categories larger than its own members) makes a morale check exactly as though it had taken damage from the charging enemy, with the same consequences for failure. Make this check immediately before the charging unit makes melee contact. If a failed check forces the defender to move back, the charging unit receives an attack of opportunity and can (at the controlling player?s option) pursue the defender, maneuvering around terrain or impassable spaces, provided that it has not already moved more than twice its speed this turn. If the charging enemy has enough movement to make melee contact with the defender, the latter must check morale again, and the process repeats until either the defender stands firm or the attacker does not pursue. The defender can never move more than twice its speed in this fashion. If the attacker, despite this double move, catches up with the defender, the defender is run down; depending on the movement of the attacker, the attacker makes a single or double move charge attack against the run-down defender and deals damage as though it has rolled a 20 (or several 20s). The defending unit then makes a single Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + 0.2 * damage factors dealt) to avoid instant destruction. If it survives it will be considered routing.

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