Lesser-known Awnshegh
Major Bloodline of Azrai, 25
CN Medium Humanoid

Special Qualities: Flurry of Blows, Bloodform (Major), Charm Aura (Major), Invulnerability (Great)
Typical Dialogue:
"It's Hammer Time!"


The Hammer, once known as Jacques Marteaux, is a half Brecht, half Khinasi that grew up in Rheulgard. Unfortunately for everyone, he inherited an Azrai bloodline. The bloodline activated when he gained an unusual flurry of blows. He favors his Khinasi ancestry, having a milk chocolate skin colour. He also happens to be a bard with some cleric levels dedicated to Belinik.

When he attacks, he likes to use two hammers in a flurry of blows, the same as the monk class feature. He has gathered many followers around him, that often have to tell him to hold back from using his percussive attack.

He has always been one who considered himself a stylist, setting the trends and fashions of the community. He would commonly portray himself as the man with the beat and that none could tell him otherwise. His music was not traditional, but prior to being a awnshegh he gathered a small group of young fans about him who liked his methods. Some of these fans have stayed with him after his transformation.

His individual style also extends to his dress. In another example of his preference for the Khinasi culture, he likes to wear a vest and loose pants. However, he tends to mix this with Brecht fashion. Some Brecht have gone for puff-and-slash styles and the Hammer has decided that the puff aspect needs to be extended. As a result, his pants are very wide, but gathered at the ankles. This does not hamper his movement but it does make it a little hard to work out where his legs are. If he wears a jacket, then it too is wider at the top than his shoulders but gathers at the waist. Likewise for the sleeves.

His liking for hammers started off in his teenage years being trained as a mason. He was able to maintain himself as an apprentice but he found that his "art" with the hammer was more musical and less masonic. His new use of hammers relates to the "beat" he likes to use in his music, but it is also one of the reasons for him being out-of-favour in many communities. He travels with the hammers as instruments but is willing to play the beat on anything around him. This includes rapping on tables, walls and dishware. He feels that he is now a Master Craftsman in this new artform. His chaotic nature drew him towards Belinik but also got him thrown out of many establishments. Once he started using the hammers as weapons, he started further martial experimentation. This drew out the Azrai bloodline within him and started to reveal some of blood abilities that went with it.

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