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The huge landmass known as Torova Temylatin lies across the Leviathan's Reach, off the northeastern coast of Vosgaard. Wild and lonely even by Vos standards, no significant explorations of the vast island have yet been made and no regent has even been recognised here.
Most maps of northern Cerilia include the island of Torova Temylatin, but few go into any detail. Sea captains put in there for fresh water and supplies or sail around the northern harbors to avoid the treacherous Leviathan's Reach in winter, but none ever stay there. Its eastern and western tips seem to be covered with ice during the entire year, but a large forest and high mountains can be seen along the interior. A few particularly adventurous explorers have sailed up the central river of the island, but none have penetrated inland to explore the land itself. If any inhabitants live on the island, they have not been seen or reported.

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