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Hyperion was a long and successful source domain which ended as such when the last wizard to be known as Hyperion, the Coeranian Meliodas Raniel died, and his designated heir, Meganno al Hamam, abandoned the old names and symbols for something entirely new: the Three Brothers Mages.
Hyperion had emerged after the fall of the Empire creating a domain that was at one time larger than the Barony of Coeranys. Two hundred years ago, in response to the many demands for regency and the limitations on time for one wizard, Hyperion's regent, Agelmore Raniel invested one of his former apprentices, Nicholas Hiriele with the sources in the swamps of southern Coeranys and northern Osoerde. He was derided by Hyperion's enemies as nothing more than a swamp mage, so he took the name as a badge of honor rather than derision, and created the source domain known as the Swamp Mage.
Around a hundred years ago, during a contested inheritance to the domain of Hyperion, the Swamp Mage ended its vassal relationship with Hyperion and became a rival domain. Since then, Hyperion has gradually declined. Though always friendly with the barons of Coeranys, the wizards of Hyperion were not much of a danger to her rivals and it was only the blood connection to the counts of Ranien and the alliance with the barons that protected it.
A decade ago, Meliodas Raniel, wizard of Hyperion, believed that the independence of his domain was threatened by its small size. It seemed inevitable that at some point in the future, desperate times would require that the wizard of Hyperion swear fealty to prevent its destruction.
Meliodas decided that the best chance for the domain was to invest his best and most ambitious apprentice, the forceful yet pragmatic Meganno al Hamam as his heir. Upon Meliodas' death other apprentices and scions of Raniel family appeared to claim the mantle of Hyperion from Meganno. The designated heir fought off his rivals and made peace with the Raniel family. He then abandoned the traditions, names, and symbols of Hyperion, adopting instead those new names and symbols of the Three Brothers Mages.

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