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The Coeranian wizard, Meliodas Raniel was known as Hyperion. A long and successful domain which ended as such when Meliodas died and his designated heir, Meganno al Hamam, abandoned the old names and symbols for something entirely new, the Three Brothers Mages.
Meliodas believed that the independence of his domain was threatened by its small size. Though he had always been friendly with the barons of Coeranys, it was inevitable that at some point in the future, desperate times would require that the wizard of Hyperion swear fealty to prevent its destruction.
Meliodas decided that the best chance for the domain was to invest his best and most ambitious apprentice, the forceful yet pragmatic Meganno al Hamam has his heir. Upon Meliodas' death other apprentices and scions of Raniel appeared to claim the mantle of Hyperion from Meganno. The designated heir fought off his rivals and made peace with the Raniel family.

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