High Summer's Fest

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High Summer?s Fest is celebrated in Mhoried and begins officially five days before the Night of Fire, ending the day after, but some (rangers especially) arrive early. Located in Dhalsiel on the River Maesil, the origins of this festival are lost, but it seems to be an amalgam of two events - the ritual collection of mistletoe, holly, etc and the sacred athletic competition of Erik's rangers.
Participants include priests of Erik, rangers, and bards. The festival starts with a great hunt and feast, followed by several days of competition, including several distances of footrace, jumping, archery, horse racing, a long run with archery, and wrestling. Another feast follows the conclusion of the games at which the bards entertain with songs and poems celebrating the victors. Having bards singing songs of your athletic prowess throughout the various realms of Anuire is a great honor for the rangers. The day of Midsummer's Day is mainly given over to solemn prayer, meditation, and thanksgiving. All remain serene until the evening feast (left over from the day before) when the mood becomes one of celebration.

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