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Henry Boeruine is the nephew of Aeric Boeruine. Henry is Aeric's presumed second choice as heir after his own son, Derwyn Boeruine. Henry's father is Oelin Boeruine. To help cement ties with Ghoere, Aeric arranged for Oelin to take Gavin Tael's youngest sister, Jacquelyne Tael, in marriage. However, Jacquelyne was sickly, due to her mother's forceful upbringing. The young maid died within ten years of their marriage due to Scarlet Fever. Jacquelyne gave Oelin two sons and two daughters before she died. Henry is the elder son, Lance Boeruine is Henry's younger brother. Marianne Boeruine is his elder sister, Niela Boeruine is his younger sister.
Henry served as a page in his uncle, Aeric's, court and as squire to Ector Realnien of the Northern Imperial Temple.
When Jacquelyne died, Gavin Tael formally broke any alliance with Boeruine. After Aeric took the throne of the Archduchy, Gavin declared himself as a rival. However, blood is still thicker than water and Divine Blood even more so. As a result, Gavin is fostering Henry's brother, Lance, in his court.

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