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Arms of GhaeleArms of Ghaele

The westernmost province of Mieres, Ghaele is the main agricultural province of the realm. Although the province is sparsely populated, its farmers produce enough bounty to export to other provinces in the realm. The fishing industry thrives here as well - fishermen here ply both the seacoast and the Ceolie River, which runs north from the mountains in southern Brenlie.


The Governor's men run the show in Ghaele, although the Eastern Temple of Nesirie offers some protection to the poor fishermen oppressed by the guilds.


Adurian Forts: Stone forts constructed by Azrai's armies in the years before the Battle of Mount Deismaar dot the province. A handful of these have been claimed by Mieres' soldiers, but many more of these ruins lie unexplored and unclaimed. It is rumored that pirate bands have claimed a keep or two as their strongholds, and goblins or orogs might control many more.

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