Foregathering of the Erebannien

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Time, seasons, and holidays » Foregathering of the Erebannien
The Foregathering of the Erebannien is a festival peculiar to Aerenwe, and is held in Shadowgreen at the circle of standing stones. Beginning on the first full moon after the Day of Rebirth this festival mostly resembles the events described in the Complete Ranger's Handbook on p.118, as most attendees are rangers of the Erebannien.
This festival centres on the concerns of the protectors of this great forest. Local priests of Erik and Ruornil attend, as do bards who celebrate the beauty of the Erebannien, honor the ethos of its protectors, and recount the chronicles of certain famous rangers of long ago. The festival is known for its feasting, hunting, market, archery, woodworking, and wrestling. There is always good fellowship and revelry and many go simply to join in the festivities and honor those participating.

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