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Fellrock is a mountainous province within the Burrows. Its rocky peaks are surrounded by a dense forest that has resisted most attempts to conquer it.

[top]The Land

The Fellrock Forest is not for the faint-hearted. The wise are wary and do not travel on its paths. The foolish rarely reach their objectives. Many tales tell of visitors losing their way and sense of direction, often finding trails blocked by rocks or plant growth on one trip but cleared the next. Some have even claimed that when they backtracked, they found cliffs in their way that they swear they had not encountered. It was like the forest and mountain were working against them.

Any attempts to eliminate the forest has also been fairly unsuccessful. The hard trunks and branches of the Strumwod soon blunt many tools used against them. The trees are not impervious to fire but it often does little more than blacken the bark and burn the leaves.

Most of the farms in the province focus on livestock due to the rocky ground.


The two main towns in the province are near the flatter shores of Lake Sonderdeep.

Raufenshull is a minor fishing port.

Brackenton is the commercial and administrative hub of the province. It contains the local branch of the Breadfruit North-South guild and the main marketplace.

Other hamlets and villages are scattered around the province. Scaton is the only hamlet to endure on the edge of the forest, possibly because the Deacons of the Land's Protectorate always insist on running their affairs from there, rather than Brackenton. The oldest homes are near Scaton, carved into the side of cliffs and hills, but many are no longer habitable. Some scholars believe they may predate the settlement in Ivesham, Greenlock. This architectural style has been imitated and developed throughout the Burrows, but often in areas with earth that is more accommodating than the rocky surrounds of much of Fellrock.


The Venerable Boulder has a reputation of bringing ill to any that would attempt to remove it. It stands in the entrance of a gully that leads to a beautiful water source in the base of the mountains. No path wide enough for a cart can be laid between the boulder, slopes and the trees, so no more than a jug of water can be carried out at a time. Any pipes that are laid are found cracked the next day.

Crow's Treasure is a point halfway up one of the mountains. On a sunny day, it shines, like it is reflecting the sunlight off a metallic surface. However once a year, it is also known to shine during a full moon. It is so named because darkly coloured birds are sometimes seen flying around near it. Some scholars with farsight or tools claim to have seen a building or a sculpture but none truly know what shines, nor why.



The main regents are:
Other major figures are:

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