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The spell allows the caster to create Sielshegh gems. Instead of usurping the bloodline of a slain scion, the bloodline is absorbed into a gem of the appropriate type creating a sielshegh.


This all but forgotten spell was created shortly after Deismaar by Wulf Danig. Wulf owned a knight Sielshegh gem of Brenna that he had found at Deismaar (or more accurately had been wearing in a ring at the battle, he saw that the stone too had absorbed the power of the old gods on the long journey home).
Although the truth of what had happened was uncertain for some time and many theories abounded as to whether the gods had actually died, what explained the strange powers of the survivors of the battle, etc, the theory that the power of the gods had somehow entered the survivors was common, and therefore it was held to be an impious thing to allow a fragment of the gods to be lost, even when borne in a criminals blood.
Unsure of the long term impact of bloodtheft ? rumors held that a scion could be possessed by the slain scion if the slain scion had a strong blood-line, that those with strong blood-lines became monsters, etc, Danig created this spell to enable him to retain the bloodlines of criminals sentenced to execution without necessarily risking absorbing the personalities of such vermin when they died.
The spell requires a scion (the victim) and a gemstone of the appropriate size and shape (see sielshegh). The scion is prepared with various spell-castings and the intended sielshegh fastened to their skin over a small incision, when the scion is then killed the stone absorbs their bloodline, instead, it is hoped, then any nearby scions. If the victim is not killed within a day of the casting the spell fades.
A scion of minor bloodline can empower knight sielshegh, a scion of major bloodline can empower prince sielshegh and a scion of great bloodline can empower emperor sielshegh, the stones absorb at most RP sufficient to gain 5 BP (needs 70 RP), 3 BP (34 RP) or 1 BP (needs 14 RP) respectively.
Note: Absorbtion costs are 10 + 4 * (the arithmetic sum of bloodline strength).



a Will save by the victim negates the spell, and Spell Resistance is effective against it.

[top]Tips and Tactics

Although it may seem more cost effective to use this spell to gain BP than simple bloodtheft, at least for a stronger scion, a sielshegh attracts far more attention from thieves and rivals, can be lost or stolen, and do not strengthen the blood lineage of the scion in question. As a result the spell lies in the spell books of Danig, all but forgotten.


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