Bhalaene city

Bhalaene (LargeCity): standard; AL LN; 50,000 gp limit; Assets: 50,000,000; Population: 25,000; Anuirean (98% human, 2% other)

Bhalaene, the capital of Ghoere, is a large walled city and it's one of the greatest cities of the Heartlands since when it was the capital of the Duchy of Bhalaene.

It's considered, with all the province, a level 5 castle for the presence of Rock Roost Castle, an enormous black stone fortress standing on a plateau in the center of the city, also the Home of the Baron's Royal Court.

It hosts, south of the city's gates, an impressive cathedral of the Militant Order of Cuiraécen while, in the common quarters, small temples of the Haelyn's Aegis were erected in the last few years.

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