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Avallaigh is covered by oak trees in the south, which give way to tangled pine forests along the Ruide River. The low hills of the province flatten into plains near the river as well.
The Trade Road crosses through Avallaigh, tracing the province line between it and Bhindraith, then branches off toward Dhoesone near the community of Dagasim.
Because of the strong human presence along the Trade Road, the gheallie Sidhe is very active in the province, raiding into Dhoesone and Cariele and ensuring that not all caravans reach their destinations. Aside from marauding elves, dangers in this realm include the wandering, vengeful spirits of slain elves and humans (banshees and wraiths), as well as a group of nymphs whose leader has a fascination for humans. They dwell near the Cariele Bridge, and have been known to lure handsome caravan guards away from their fellows. Many a human male has grown old while under the charms of these dryads.


Human merchants have several way-stations and trading posts along the heavily traveled road that leads to the Thorn Throne from Cariele and Dhoesone. These tiny human settlements are usually well guarded (1-10 2nd level fighters) but are subject to attacks by the gheallie Sidhe. They are the equivalent of a guild (2) that is controlled by Mheallie Bireon of Cariele.
The largest elven community in the province, Dagasim, is home to just over 3000 elves and is the ancestral stronghold of House Damaan. House Damaan, led by Llytha Damaan, a close friend of Fhileraene, governs some of the province on behalf of the Thorn Throne. Shortly before he departed to Gorgon's Crown, Fhileraene granted much of the authority to decide the direction of the province to his half-sister, Fhiele Dhoesone. Some speculate that this slight soured the relationship between the prince and Llytha, his longtime supporter, and that House Damaan is secretly assisting the gheallie Sidhe.

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