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Also known as the Rjurik Red, and Bladed Tusker the alothere is a huge pony-sized boar. Its fur is coarse reddish brown in color, several breeds have a back ridge of tufted brown or black bristles. The wrinkled snout of the alothere hold two large upturned tusks up to a handspan in length. These tusks are used for rooting through the forest floor - and attacking anything foolish enough to anger the great boar. Despite their size the alothere is adept at hiding in the forests - until it is angered when its raging squeals and thundering hooves swiftly alert everything within a half mile of its presence.
Alothere are highly territorial, and are noted for an irritable, aggressive nature. By preference the alothere dwells only in deep forests, however during mating season young males driven from a herd will travel great distances seeking a solitary sow or herd led by an elderly male. These young bulls are frequently those that encroach on human lands and the main target of hunters. Hunting the alothere is almost exclusively a noble pursuit whether in Anuire or Rjurik, and is a dangerous pursuit even for a mounted noble adept at wielding a boarspear (a long spear with a stout crossbar to stop the boar rushing along the spear after being spitted and slaying the wielder in its death throes).
Older alothere are often infested with parasites which cause fever, sweating and sore muscles if eaten. The Rjurik cook the meat with various herbs that counter this and make use of every part of the boar from meat to sinew, hide and bone - alothere bones are notoriously strong and ground to powder add vitality to beer. Anuireans consider the head, liver and heart of the alothere a delicacy, but tend to use the remainder of the meat only after long boiling has rid it of the parasites - and nearly all flavor.
Alothere are still found in Talinie, Thurazor, Dhoesone, and throughout the Rjurik Highlands, but are rare elsewhere. Some rumors say they are common in southern Vosgaard but the Vos do not welcome visitors and so the truth of this is unknown.
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