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Hydrakin is the name collectively given to the bizarre offspring of the Hydra. The awnshegh leaves a trail of such beasts behind it without apparent conscious thought and it is rare for more than half a dozen Hydrakin to be similar. Recorded 'common' Hydrakin include a human head with crocodile jaws and tarantula legs, a water snake with the torso of a human female and long human-like hair, a tiny human or goblin torso on a dragonfly, a frog the size of a bull with crocodile jaws, and several varieties of scaled humans - such as the caracdir, one of the few types of Hydrakin to breed true over the centuries.
Hydrakin are found almost exclusively in the Harrowmarsh, home to the Hydra itself. On occasion Hydrakin are found in Binsada, Rohrmarch or the Chimaeron - all realms which border the Harrowmarsh. One Hydrakin, a scaled goblin with the wings of a seagull, called Brufus was brought from the marsh to the City of Anuire as a child and raised by the learned Sage Laerune of the City as a page and curiosity.
On occasion Hydrakin swarm from the Harrowmarsh without apparent reason, attacking folk in nearby lands. Often these swarms consist of a vast number of similar Hydrakin (such as the legendary invasion of snakes that beset Binsada two generations ago) although why the Hydra would suddenly produce so many similar beasts or why they would flee the swamp en masse is unknown.
Hydrakin make a reasonable 'test bed' for a DM's favourite monsters. If the monster is popular with the PCs, it can be part of a clutch, or even an emergent race. If not, it can be written of as just another lost and lonely beastie from the swamp.

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