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Sleeping Beauty, an adventure in Dhoesone

Location: Spirit world / old manor house in Giant's Fastness
Type: Whimsical linear dungeon bash


Once upon a time, in an old house in the heart of a wood was an orphan girl named Brienda and her kindly old teacher Magus Shaemes...

The tale of how Brienda Bhalaene escaped the assassins of family Ghieste with the aid of the court and now waits in magical sleep for her family or a worthy prince to rescue her is known through popular nursery tales across Anuire. Reputable scholars agree that Brienda fled the house during a feud between the two noble houses and that the old mage vanished for a time around the same date before returning to aid House Bhalaene in its battles where he was slain by a mysterious sorcerer who aided House Ghieste.

Though many years have passed, and House Bhalaene (and for that matter also House Ghieste) has fallen, blood tells and anyone wedding Brienda would have a claim on her families old lands. As such anyone who rescued Brienda would have an interesting diplomatic opportunity on their hands - Baron Gavin Tael of Ghoere would see her as a threat - or as a chance to boost his families standing in the ancient imperial lines of succession, anyone opposed to Tael could use her to foment discord in Ghoere, etc.


The old manor is badly overgrown and its surrounding woods which were once well tended have grown wild (if sufficiently populous in apples, pears, brambles and so on to be clearly once a garden wood to those skilled in woodlore). The manor is somewhat tumbled down but in far better condition than one would expect for an abandoned home. The manor is situated in the east of Giant's Fastness.

[top]People and creatures

The manor by day is dominated by Brienda's companions, minor golems made by Magus Shaemes long ago to provide her with protection, friends and teachers. By night it becomes dominated by Shadow-beings for the Shadow World is very close to the manor, drawn close by the powerful magic suffusing the building and the long-standing dreams of the slumbering Brienda. Some fey and spirits also live in the manor and the wood and it is well-known to those sensitive to mebhaighl.

[top]Starting the adventure

The manor is inherited by Landen Hallan, a (very) minor unblooded noble. Landen has set about ordering the local village to make it more productive, but has not moved into the manor house as it is alleged to be haunted. When Landen investigated (being a mature man in his 40s and a veteran of goblin and bandit raids he was not deterred by the old wives tales) he saw several children's toys walking about the place - clearly there is bewitchment going on.

Recognising that witchcraft was not a problem that could be resolved by such as him, Landen sent word to the local temple of Haelyn's Bastion of Truth, to the local sheriff (who in practice answers to Gaelin Thuried of the Upper Anuire Traders) to Countess Ingrid Redwolf asking for aid. Idele Hallan (Landen's wife) has also paid some minstrels she knows to keep an eye out for skilled-looking mercenaries who might be willing and able to clear the house discreetly - she doesn't want word of the sorcery to spread as it might taint the family name but is concerned that a minor house such as theirs will have to wait a considerable time for any aid from the authorities.

The magical nature of the manor causes a notable distortion in the flow of mebhaighl in the area (specifically it flows more readily than would normally be expected). Daeric Dhoesone has long meant to get around to investigating but has always been too busy - not least because of "the constant need to respond to my cousin's meddling in my affairs".

The PCs may therefore be involved by any of these parties - or may simply wander across the manor while traveling in Giant's Fastness, perhaps while seeking shelter from one of the frequent storms in the area.

[top]Approaching the house

The manor is clearly near deserted, ragged hedges mark out where fields were once tended but have clearly not been managed in decades, some effort appears underway to prepare the land for planting next spring and clear ditches and the like but it has yet to make a significant impact.

The woods are little better, the underwood has clearly not been coppiced in decades and the maiden trees have grown vast over time. A person skilled with wood-lore could determine that the manor has been abandoned for at least a century by the state of the wood.

The manor house itself is fairly typical for the region, a sturdy wall surrounds a three floor house, the lower two floors are made of the local stone with the upper floor wooden. The house is in relatively good repair and free from ivy or other creepers.

The house grounds look to be a garden, despite the passage of time the garden is clearly identifiable - someone is clearly tending to it. The garden is a herb garden but rose bushes and lavender are planted along the main path to the house.

A doll of a knight and some sort of steed are perched on a sundial in the grounds, through some trick of the light they seem to be looking at the PC's.

The doll is a companion called Sir Frithkin of the Order of the Griffon (a closer look will reveal his mount to be a griffin made, like him, of a mixture of leather, metal and wood). Sir Frithkin will challenge intruders with one of the following phrases depending on how the PCs look and act:

"You there! Varlets lurking in the shadows! Approach and be recognised or face my fury!"

"I am Sir Frithkin of the order of the Griffin and protector of this house! Halt and be recognised sir!"

"Bandits eh? You'll find this house well defended you knaves, flee 'ere I return if you have any wit!"

Sir Frithkin will avoid combat at this point as he considers it more important to warn the other companions and considers the PCs to be a fairly strong bunch - when reinforced by Puff, Master Wizard and, if need be, a number of the toy soldiers sir Frithkin will however fight without hesitation.

[top]The Brute force and ignorance approach to solving the adventure

If the PCs simply blunder in and aim to kill everything then they find that the companions are well prepared for such brutality. Snoogie, Big Ted and Wuffles will retreat to Brienda's room, and once big Ted has picked up Brienda they will flee to the safety of the fairy mound. Master Wizard will put on his magic hat and cast various spells to buff the companions and summon aid before also fleeing. Sir Frithkin, Puff and the Tin men will attack the PCs. Mr Tiddles will sneak around to an appropriate spot and seek to ambush PC's lurking at the rear before fleeing if he is in any real danger. The frogs bounce around wildly making a lot of noise but doing little of any actual impact. If PC's start suffering significant damage it is likely that Blades and Shrieks and/or Creeping cold will sense the suffering and come to feed on it leading to a very confused fight.

If Snoogie, Big Ted and Wuffles get to the Fairy Mound with Brienda then the PC's will either have to storm the mound, request an audience with Queen Tifila to seek Brienda's return (this will not be easy), or if the PC's ignore the mound the Companion's will try to recover their colleagues remains and re-animate them at night and then re-take the manor house. If the manor is too well defended the Companions will reluctantly flee into the Shadow World to try and find somewhere safe to hide the sleeping Briende.

If the Companion's are destroyed before they can reach the fairy mound then the adventure is effectively over and the manor house is cleared - until someone stays the night and is attacked by the resident nightmares, or news of the sleeping beauty spreads and interested parties demand guardianship of her from the PCs.

[top]The Diplomatic approach to resolving the adventure

The adventure assumes that the PCs are diplomatic with the companions in which case they will be met by Snoogie who will assemble the companions to judge the PCs and see whether they should be told about Briende (if they don't know about her) and if they should be considered worthy to release the sleeping beauty.

[top]Sample dialogue for Snoogie

Greetings travelers, it has been some time since we had visitors - beyond goblins and brigands in any event. Why have you come to our masters home?

Q: Who are you?
A: We are the companions, granted form by our master Magus Shaemes long ago. He left the house some time ago and has not returned, have you heard of him?

Q: Who is Magus Shaemes?
A: Magus Shaemes is court mage to Duke Bhalaene of the Duchy of Bhalaene, master of this house and guardian to our mistress.

Q: What do you do? / What have you done since Magus Shaemes left?
A: Our duties are to maintain the house and garden, soothe the local mebhaighl and unbind snares in its flow, watch over the thinning, and guard the duty.

Q: This house now belongs to Lord Landen Hallen, will you surrender the house to him?
A: So long as our master or mistress live, then this house is theirs and our duty is to them. No purchase or inheritance hold power over us for our duty is clear and pre-dates any such claim of ownership.

Q: May we speak to your mistress?
A: Our mistress lies in slumber and is not receiving visitors. If you have any questions then you must direct them to me or the other companions.

Q: When will your mistress be available to speak to us?
A: Our mistress has slumbered since shortly after Magus Shaemes left for she is of gentle birth and was fearful without him to guard her. She will remain in slumber until Magus Shaemes returns or a worthy man comes forth to guard her.

Q: Magus Shaemes is long gone - how would we prove that we are worthy to protect your mistress?
A: We have thought long on this matter my fellow companions and I. We consider that a worthy candidate must be possessed of the noble virtues of courage, strength and gentle behaviour (i.e. manners, piety, etc). Each of us has a quest that must be passed for one of you to prove worthiness.

Q: What is the thinning?
A: This area is close to the Shadow World, Master Magus can explain in more detail if you wish. One area, called the thinning br Magus Shaemes is particularly weak at various times of the year.

[top]Companions and quests


A plush doll in the form of a matronly woman. Snoogie is smart, dedicated to protecting Brienda and quite capable in the magical arts. Snoogie is somewhat bossy but good hearted. Snoogie contains the spirit of an apprentice of Magus Shaemes who was reincarnated (of sorts) by the power of Magus Shaemes. Her role was to run the household and oversee the other companions.

[top]Snoogie's quest of worthiness

Snoogie wants Creeping Cold destroyed, she doesn't know what is skulking around at night but she doesn't like it. Snoogie has tracked the frost-trail back to the cellar in the mornings but Puff hasn't been able to find a scent-trail to lead him to the beast itself - so someone needs to stay up at night.

[top]Creeping cold

A nightmare that has entered the manor from the Shadow World, Creeping cold is a being of shadow and chill the spirit is mostly incorporeal but is anchored to the mortal realm by a small number of black charcoals which prevent it from being completely silent. Creeping cold radiates cold and darkness and is vulnerable to light and heat, it spends much of its time in the cellars amusing itself by freezing plant roots and moles, at night it comes out and explores the world around it - leaving trails of frost wherever it goes. Creeping cold, like Blades and Shrieks feeds on mebhaighl and dreams, but unlike the former spirit Creeping cold lacks any desire to remain in the manor, Creeping cold would like nothing better than to chill Briende to death and only the fires continually maintained in Briende's bedroom by Snoogie (so that the mistress doesn't get cold in her sleep poor dear) have protected Briende.

[top]Sir Frithkin

A foot-high wood, leather and metal doll who has a similar griffin companion. Sir Frithkin has the ability to shrink others for as period and was intended as a friend and guardian. Sir Frithkin contains a spirit from the Spirit World who left the Shadow world to help his friend Big Ted escape the Shadow, but like his friend Sir Firthkin was unable to form a mortal body of his own and therefore accepted Magus Shaemes help in exchange for "the duty" (protecting Briende). Sir Frithkin is virtually fearless (the same cannot be said of his "trusty steed" Ruby) and is rather quixotic. Common phrases uttered by Sir Frithkin include "Huzzah! To adventure my friends!" "Charge!" "Hah! Let's cut you down to size!" Despite its small size Sir Frithkin's sword is quite dangerous as it is pixie-forged and sharper than any razor.

[top]Sir Frithkin's quest of worthiness

Sir Frithkin wants valiant allies to prove themselves in battle against Ogre Gormless. To "prove that the champion's courage comes from honour and not mere muscle" Mr Tiddles convinces Sir Frithkin to shrink the champion to his own size before the battle.

[top]The Ogre Gormless

An ogre who has moved into the stables and who remains there despite the best efforts of Sir Frithkin to drive him out - with the aid of Puff and Master Wizard the Ogre was stopped from entering the manor but as Master Wizard won't leave the house and Puff is only awake a few days a month an uneasy truce has grown. The Ogre hunts to woods (annoying the fairies by stomping around), brews foul-smelling beer and sings loudly and tunelessly - Snoogie abhors the Ogre's presence.


Puff is an 8 foot long stuffed embryonic dragon. Somewhat gruff and prone to sleeping Puff is nevertheless a loyal guardian. Puff contains a remnant - an echo might be a better description - of the still-born dragon that was used to make him (his still-unbroken egg was used to make the crystal ball found in the study). Puff is the most physically able of the companions and the least vocal - approaching him without a friendly companion to hand is a sure-fire way to get into a fight. Arrogant PCs should be warned, even the echo of a Cerilian dragon has power and Puff can breathe a surprisingly vicious flame and has very tough claws and teethe - his egg tooth also makes his head butts quite nasty while his wings are strong enough to break a man's arm with a buffet.

[top]Puff's quest of worthiness

Puff has a simple request, he wants the egg of his clutchmate - which also didn't hatch - retrieved from the Shadow World and brought into the mortal world before the remains of his sibling's spirit is corrupted by the Shadow World taint.

The egg is in a Shadow World equivalent of the manor house and can be reached through the thinning at Midsummer, the spring and autumn equinox's, and midwinter without difficulty as the thinning becomes an active portal to the Spirit World on those dates. If traveling on mid-summer's day the Shadow World is akin to the old Spirit World, a place of fey beauty and light where the Seelie pass on occasion. Traveling during an equinox reveals a chaotic world of dreams where thoughts shape reality and nightmares can take physical form (two of these have in fact taken up residence in the manor house in Cerilia already). Traveling during the midwinter equinox reveals a dull, lifeless world of grey and mindless undead.

Retrieving the egg is likely to be relatively straight forward if traveling on mid-summers day, less so on the equinox's and dangerous on midwinter's day.

As a note, Lord Landen Hallen has no magical awareness or skill, and if informed would be loathe to dwell in or be responsible for a house that is a dimensional anchor and active portal to the Shadow world.


A cloth and thread dog, Wuffles is fast and excitable but relatively harmless (teeth and soft willow do little damage). Prone to barking excitedly and even less restrained than Sir Frithkin Wuffles cannot speak but is quite adept at dog:human sign language (think Lassie).

[top]Wuffles' quest of worthiness

Wuffles wants a race, he doesn't really care if he wins or loses he just wants to run and play. The (repeated) throwing and fetching of a stick is also high on his agenda. A few hours play are enough to convince him that the PCs are good people.

[top]Big Ted

A large teddy bear some 4 feet tall big Ted is somewhat sleepy, generally hungry and very dim - but he loves Brienda and has a good heart. Big Ted was a spirit friends with Sir Frithkin in the darkening Shadow World, in fact big Ted convinced Sir Frithkin to leave with him for the mortal world. Big Ted is keen that only a "proper prince" rescues Briende, and having read every book (slowly and often with help from Master Wizard on the larger words) on damsels in distress and noble knights in the house (mainly court romances once owned by the lonely lady of the house) Big Ted has convinced his fellow companions to come up with several "amusing yet effective tests" for would-be rescuers.

[top]Big Ted's quest of worthiness

Big Ted wants the would-be suitor to prove that they are strong enough to protect Briende - retrieving the axe from Bad lash Willow would be a fine demonstration.

[top]Bad lash willow

This quasi-sentient tree is rooted near the manor by its duckpond, the willow is very bad tempered and prone to eating ducks and birds who dare roost in it. The willow has no possessions other than an axe embedded in its flank - thrown there long ago and now almost overgrown. In game terms the Willow is similar to a treant but is rooted in place, as it is beside the water it is able to splash itself and even partially submerge if it is attacked with fire - and it has the wit to throw rocks at aggressors who are out of its (surprisingly long) reach if it is attacked (or simply angered).

[top]Mr Tiddles

A plush cat with green and yellow fur - and a predatory gleam in his eye. Mr Tiddles long ago grew bored of protecting the sleeping princes - and considers that Magus Shaemes tricked him into an unending service (Mr Tiddles had expected perhaps 1 or 2 decades would be the longest period for which Briende would need protection by plush toys).

Mr Tiddles dreams of becoming properly mortal and having spent much time reading Magus Shaemes' spell books and books on magic thinks he has found a way by means of a pact with a Shadow Demon - he just needs some sacrifices to placate and pay the demon.

[top]Mr Tiddles' Quest of worthiness

Mr Tiddles has no desire for Briende to be awakened fearing that if she is awakened and has mortal rescuers to protect her that the magic animating him will fade. His quest is therefore to convince Blades and Shrieks to leave the house without the use of violence. Mr Tiddles explains that restraint is a necessary virtue and that "those who understand only violence could never be guardian to so tender a flower as our sleeping lady".

It should be noted that Blades and Shrieks is quite literally a nightmare taken form, to rend and slay is its nature, it can no more be reasoned with and convinced not to rend and slay, than a river could be reasoned with not to flow, rain not to fall or a fire not to burn.

If the PC's fail to convince Blades and Shrieks to leave and the Nightmare endures then Mr Tiddles states that they have yet to prove themselves and he will not permit them to awaken Briende. If the PCs destroy the nightmare then Mr Tiddles feigns shock at their brutality and declares that they have failed - if persuaded to gvie them another chance he will need some time to come up with another quest - and you'd better show more moral strength than brutality this time!

If the PCs prove that the quest was simply not beatable (telling Master Magus that Blades and Shrieks is a nightmare should be enough once he's had time to put his hat on) then the other companions are shocked by Mr Tiddles' perfidy, they say they need to think things over. Sir Frithkin finds a quiet time to discuss Silent George with the PC's and asked them to find out why the knight attacked Mr Tiddles as "it may shed some light on the cat's behaviour". Mr Tiddles will flee if Silent George is restored (Queen Tifila can brew the necessary potion - for a price) rather than face exposure and in his absence the tests can proceed.

[top]Blades and Shrieks

A nightmare that escaped the Shadow world and now resides in the manor - Blades and Shrieks is active during the dark when the companions sleep from habit - the shadows and darkness seem more normal to it than the brightness of sunlight.

Blades and Shrieks is, quite literally, something from a fairy tale and any bard will likely recognise the nightmare if they stop and think about what it is. Visually the spirit takes the form of whirling blades of shadow, metal fragments and the odd actual blade, the spirit continually shrieks although whether this is a true sound or merely the whistling of its blades is unclear.

In the nursery rhymes and old wives tales the Nightmare is banished by the sign of Nesirie and in reality it can be turned by a cleric and is vulnerable to holy water, a non-cleric can wound Blades and Shrieks with a holy symbol of Nesire (or Ruornil) causing damage equal to their charisma bonus. Blades and Shrieks typically hunts out bugs and other vermin and enjoys shredding them, it gains its actual sustenance however from mebhaighl and Briende's dreams. Blades and Shrieks will try to kill anyone it finds, it hasn't attacked the Companions as it doesn't recognise them as alive and can't gain strength from their pain and suffering, it can't harm Briende as her crystalline shell protects her from its blades. As a note Blades and Shrieks can sunder weapons and will happily absorb these into its body becoming stronger as a result - particularly if it can absorb magical blades.

[top]Master Wizard

A plush wizard with a set of "thinking caps" which give him various skills including magic. Master Wizard is a dream-spirit shaped by Magus Shaemes and with a small fragment of a soul. Master Wizard's role was as a teacher (different thinking caps contain in depth knowledge of history, artisan skills, etiquette, heraldry, etc) and guardian (using his wizard hat and his magic wand). As a note, unless Master Wizard puts on his "master of mystical knowledge hat" he doesn't know the nature of Creeping Cold or Blades and Shrieks, with this hat on Master Wizard will be able to explain the nature of the nightmares and their likely weaknesses and desires.

Master Wizard knows a relatively large number of spells (all those known to Magus Shaemes as long as Master Wizard is wearing his wizard hat) but has relatively little magical power so can only cast 6 levels-worth of spells a day multiplied by the source level of the province (so 24 in Giant's Fastness). At certain times (during an equinox when the mebhaighl flows readily for example) Master Wizard can cast 12 levels worth per source level whereas if a realm spell has recently been cast he might struggle to cast at all - reduce the source level by the level of the realm spell cast restoring the mebhaighl at 1 source level per month afterwards.

[top]Master Wizard's quest of worthiness

Master Wizard wants someone to retrieve a restorative potion from Queen Tifila. As this is the potion to restore Briende is will be the last quest set by a companion. Master Wizard explains that while this may sound like a simple task - at least if Sir Frithkin guides the PCs to the Fairy mound and shrinks them to a more diplomatic size, the Queen may demand a price for her charity.

[top]Queen Tifila

A fairy mound not far from the manor is home to a fairy court, the fairies are tiny (2-3 inches high) but they are numerous and quite adept with magic. Queen Tifila is on good terms with Sir Frithkin who has, from time to time, shrunk people to a similar size to her people for Queen Tifila. the Queen is a noted brewer of (tiny) potions and possibly the only person known to the companions who could brew a potion that would free Briende, the imperious queen will only brew a barrel of such a potion for a worthy knight of prowess and respect who first proves themselves to her and then agrees to be her consort for 3 winters (just the winter when the snow is heavy and the fairies don't go outside - effectively 1 domain action a year as long as the character is in the province for the entire domain turn of winter) - a substitute might be accepted in lieu of a PC but they would have to pass her tests.

[top]Tin men

Magus Shaemes was somewhat hazy on the different toys appropriate to young boys and girls and the tin soldiers that he made for Briende were never played with - and have become bitter over time as only a scorned toy can. Like all the companions the tin men cannot harm Briende, but they certainly can harm anyone trying to "release the ungrateful brat". The Tinmen are led by "Sergeant Bash". The tinmen vary from 1 foot to 18" high and while individually relatively weak they can form a deadly swarm to over-power foes.

The Tin men sleep in their box unless awoken by one of the companions, they have no say in whether the sleeping beauty is awoken as they were never played with by Briende.


The Frogs are made of stuffed leather, they do relatively little beyond sing and warn the household of visitors - the frogs see all and pass news on in their song. As the frogs have no real intelligence they have no say in whether or not Briende is awoken and no quest.

[top]Manor locations and oddities

[top]The main hall

The main hall lacks the hunting trophies and old weapons that adorn the manor houses of many Anuirean nobles, but it does contain a rather fine statue of an Anuirean knight, posed in a very active heroic stance as if charging at a foe with sword held high ready to smite their foe. The statue is called Silent George by the companions who explain that Master wizard petrified the knight some years ago after he broke into the house and attacked Mr Tiddles.

[top]Silent George

Sir George was a young questing knight-errant who sought out the legendary sleeping beauty after hearing of the manor, somewhat more possessed of bravery than brains, Sir George attacked the companions mistakenly thinking that they were unholy Shadow spawn bent on corrupting the sleeping youth (true enough for Mr Tiddles but a vile slur on most of the others).

Master Wizard petrified Sir George and the stoned knight has been a source of controversy betwen the companions since. Sir Frithkin thinks the knight honest but misguided and wants to know the truth behind the accusations made. Big Ted has loyally supported Sir Frithkin, Master Wizard has been adamant that the young knight should not be restored (like many young knights of Haelyn Sir George was no fan of wizards and made his views clear on entering the mansion). Mr Tiddles thinks that Silent George is a threat to be destroyed - in particular before someone revives George, and the knights tells the companions what he saw Mr Tiddles doing...

[top]Briende's bedroom

The bedroom is warm - a fire burns merrily in the grate, and the room is beautifully decorated - clearly a bedroom for a young noblewoman. On the bed sleeps Briende, encased in a thin crystalline shell that protects her from the outside world - even from time itself.

Beyond some jewellery, a mirror, and a number of books suitable for a young noblewoman (including an enchanted book of fairy tales with many moving illusions to illustrate the tales) there is nothing particularly valuable or notable in the room.

[top]The Thinning

In one of the cellar's under the house is a large ring approximately 8 feet across inscribed with runes and clearly magical in nature. The ring is made of braided metal (mostly iron, copper and silver) and has a large stand on either side in the shape of a beasts foot with a dragon's head made of copper atop it.

The ring contains the Thinning, a portal to the Shadow World. At times mist seeps from the ring, at times one can see through the ring not the far side of the cellar, but a distorted reflection of the cellar or shimmering translucent curtain of light.

The ring radiates magic strongly and those familiar with the Shadow World will immediately recognise it as a portal when it is active. Anyone who can read magical runes will be able to identify runes on the ring around the thinning, the runes bind the thinning to this location, strengthen the barrier to the Shadow World preventing it from being continuously open, and so on. Due to the barrier the portal is only open during the equinoxes, midsummer and midwinter - or when the mebhaghl of the area is greatly disturbed for example when a realm spell is cast in the province.

[top]The Study of master Magus.

The study is well tended but feels like it hasn't been lived in for a long time. A perch in one corner near the window is where Puff spends most of his time sleeping. On a finely carved desk (which has a remarkably accurate map of Cerilia carved into its surface under a thin layer of flat clear crystal) stands a remarkable sight, a tripod of fine bronze and silver holding a large egg that seems to be made of clear crystal, mists swirl within the egg and it glows faintly. A magician or wizard who studies the egg for a period will find that it can be used as a crystal ball, with the special ability to see magical energies such as ley-lines and spells that would be revealed by detect magic.

An embroidered tapestry on the wall shows Dhoesone and the surrounding lands in fine detail - not as one might expect the Dhoesone of decades ago, but Dhoesone of today, complete with rivers, important buildings (manor houses, churches, forts and the like). If asked Master Wizard explains that he regularly scries the area and tells the magical tapestry to change itself appropriately. The tapestry resists stains, non-magical fire, and contains silver threads that move and coil when someone touches an area of the tapestry to reveal descriptive tags.


If Briende is restored then she is a young (14ish) noblewoman, quite bright, in good health and reasonably attractive. She has various noble claims but no family to support her in pursuing them, and would very much like a noble-man to act as her guardian as she feels very alone.

The manor house is, aside from its inhabitants and portal to the Shadow World, a very attractive home and Lord Hallen will be suitably grateful for it being cleansed - so long as the companions leave and the portal is got rid of!

If the gateway aruond the thinning portal is broken then the portal will drift away and roam the province as the mebhaighl ebbs and flows. It should be noted that this will make Daeric Dhoesone very unhappy as he would far prefer to know where such a portal is at all times - and particularly at the more mystical times.

The companions will want to protect and entertain, etc Briende until she is of age and no longer wishes their company, thereafter they would wish to be part of a wizard's court.

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