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    given the addition of a balanced psi class published by wotc, and a number of other classes by other gaming companies for 3e, has any one given thought to what if holdings give rp to which of the following classes, and whether some new holding like overmind or dream is called for?
    wotc psion
    wotc psychic warrior
    monk/chi master

    also what of the myriad prestige classes?

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    At 07:33 AM 8/22/2002 +0200, Skawpya wrote:

    >...has any one given thought to what if holdings give rp to which of the
    >following classes, and whether some new holding like overmind or dream is
    >called for?
    >wotc psion
    >wotc psychic warrior
    >monk/chi master

    I really don`t like the idea of psionics in BR, but I suppose the closest
    thing would be source holdings. You`d probably also want to expand the
    uses of source holdings to include the psionic equivalent of realm spells.

    Similarly, I don`t much like monks in Cerilia, but in a BR OA setting I`d
    make them equivalent to clerics (or shugenja.) The Shaman could have
    temple holdings or (as has been suggested by various BR aficionados) they
    like druids could also control source holdings.

    >also what of the myriad prestige classes?

    For this one I think you`ve got to relate them to a standard 3e class and
    assign their RP collection based on that. A Templar is a paladin-like
    prestige class so they collect RP from provinces, law and temple
    holdings. Stuff like that.


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    I also agree that psionics don't fit into the Cerilian world. The rulebook even says there are no Psionics in Cerilia. Since I like to run my campaigns using the background provided, I wouldn't allow for Psionics unless there was some sort of world shattering event that released psionics into the world (which happened in one campaign I played in).

    Given that, I probably would not allow a psionic character (if someone really wanted to play one) to get any regency points except for maybe 1/2 from sources or something. I think that sources are more specific to the magic of the land not its psionics (unless you wanted to make a new psi source potential for each of the terrain types).

    If someone still wanted to be a Psi with no regency, then I would allow it but they would have to be an advisor not a regent

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